What is CareerHub?

CareerHub is the University of Hertfordshire’s specialised portal designed to help you access our services as easily as possible, wherever you are. You can view and book appointments to receive feedback on your CV, help with applications and guidance on your decision making. You can also view graduate job vacancies, placements, and save your searches in your favourites. You can also ask questions directly online, access our resources for specialist information and useful resources, and book upcoming events held by the Careers, Employment and Enterprise Service and employers, all from your portal.

How do I Log In?
How do I book an Appointment?
How do I view Events?
How do I search Resources?
How do I ask a Question?
I want to search for a Job / I want to browse for a Job
I want to update my Details / I want to update my Preferences
I want to view my Favourites

How to do I access CareerHub?

  • For current students, if you haven’t logged in before, to log in to your portal all you require is your StudyNet username and password. You will then be required to set up your preferences in order to access the rest of the site.
  • For graduates (within two years of graduating) you can register as a graduate by clicking the link on the login page. You will then receive an email when your account is active
  • Staff can log in with their existing staff login details.

CareerHub Features:

Once you log in to CareerHub you will see your student portal page and a range of options are available to you. The main page shows latest events and relevant jobs based on your preferences.

Down the Left hand side there are tabs to click on:

Browse Jobs:

This enables you to browse through the current vacancies, by type, that are available on CareerHub. You can also filter your results based on your school preference.

Browse Events:

Here you can see the upcoming events that are being run by, and in conjunction with, the Careers and Placements Service. These include employer presentations, events such as Creating an Effective CV, and any fairs that we have coming up.

Browse News:

Here you can look through any news items that are currently active, for example, information on a particular conference.

My Favourites:

Here you will find your favourite vacancies, events, resources, links and documents, all stored in one place. You can add items to your favourites by clicking on the ‘Add to my favourites’ next to the item.


Just below this tabs bar you will find the quick vacancy search option which will allow you to search jobs by keyword. Alternatively you may prefer to complete an advanced vacancy search to filter results by location, type, relevance, or date. This search can be saved for later and stored at the bottom of the page. You can also browse through vacancies, graduate programmes, or organisations.


Below this is the Appointments section. Here you can view the available appointments and see your currently booked appointments. Appointments are offered across both campuses and in types of CV Feedback, Quick Query Appointment, and Guidance Appointment. If you would like to know what you can expect from an appointment, click the link in the type of appointment you are selecting.


The resources section allows you to see the most popular resources first or you can search the resources by keyword. These may be links, documents link our information sheets, or FAQs.

Along the top of the page you will find further titles:

My Details:

Update your personal information from here or change your password.

My Preferences:

Here you can select categories that you are most interested in and change your communication preferences.

My Education:

Update your education here.

My Event Bookings:

See your current bookings for appointments and events and those you are on the waiting list for. You can also change your bookings here if required.

My Forms:

Any forms you have submitted through CareerHub, such as feedback forms, will be available here.

My Questions:

This is your online enquiry space. If you have a careers or placements question to ask you can do so through here. If the question has already been covered it may pop up as a FAQ. You can also access your previously asked questions from here.


You can leave feedback on your experience here.

Log in to CareerHub now to get started!

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