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Dressing to Impress – Is it worth it?

With another Careers Fair just round the corner we look at the age old conundrum – what to wear?! It might be tempting to rock up in whatever you happened to throw on that morning but remember, people make snap decisions on first impressions. It’s a fact, if not a particularly fair or nice one, that you can be judged on what you wear.

Fair Banner
Recruiters make assumptions about you based on what they experience in the first few minutes of meeting you. This includes your clothing and general grooming (hair, nails, beard, etc.). You should be comfortable when you’re at university – no one expects you to wear a suit to all of your lectures – but this is a different environment. This is the first contact with employers who are in turn looking for their new set of hires in their company. They want to see if you fit with their ‘brand’ and one of the easiest ways for them to do this is to visualise you in their work place. It’s hard to do this if your clothes don’t match.

Casual and smart

Now, not all companies are the same. Some require smart attire in the workplace, for others it’s less important. When going to interview you would research the company in more depth and decide if formal or smart-casual was more warranted (if in doubt – always go formal) but for a careers fair you are looking at lots of different companies, so what’s the best option? Read more…

Big Things come from Small Beginnings

Acorn ImageTo all our new starters, Welcome to the University of Hertfordshire! It’s fantastic to have you with us and we look forward to having more contact with you over the years of your study. Your career after university might seem a long way off but making a few small changes now can make all the difference when you do finally reach graduation. The greatest oak tree had to grow from the smallest acorn and I believe you have the potential to have a great career if you take our advice now. Remember you only have 1000 days in which to make an impact*, use them well!

– Judith Baines, Head of Careers, Employment and Enterprise

We know it’s difficult to think about the future; it can be hard enough planning for the week, especially if university is a new experience for you, let alone three or four years ahead to the end of your degree. The good news is that we aren’t forcing you to decide anything just yet because, even if you have no idea what you want from your future career, there are activities that you can take part in now to increase your prospects further down the line.

Get work experience

You may have seen in the media that graduates are having a hard time finding work when they finish. University is most definitely about learning but just relying on your academic skills to find work can be a big mistake. Employers want to know that you’re able to function in the workplace as well – in fact 75% of graduate vacancies are likely to be filled by graduates that have already completed work experience with that employer. No matter what your job is you’ll learn something so even part time work can have benefit.

Join a Club or Society

Not only are they great ways to make new friends at the beginning of uni, they are also great environments to learn new skills. Read more…

Make your Talents Go Viral

One of the wonders of the modern world is the distribution of information across the internet. The ability for someone to share a resource with millions of people is now very real but in truth you are more likely to share a funny cat video than showcase your skills. So what can you do to stand out amongst the other 2.9 billion* internet users?

We are big on pushing the importance of your online brand. Your brand showcases your skills, kind of like a pre-interview. LinkedIn is a great starting point for your brand but it’s not likely that your profile will be shared widely, without a good reason, so here’s a couple of other ways to get seen.

Enter Competitions

Now these aren’t the same sort of competitions that you might see in magazines or during the ad break on TV; these are competitions that require you to produce something tangible in order to show off your talents. They can have some amazing prizes behind them but what you are really looking to achieve is exposure. Use the fact that this competition is in your area to self-promote and build your contacts.

Following the competition page on social media, using the hashtag, commenting on other like-minded people’s work are all great ways of doing this. The judges or sponsors are likely to be influential in your sector so there’s also the possibility your work will be seen by them. Or even a giant like Google might pick up on your work.

Read more…

Graduates Assemble!

Starting out with your first steps into the job hunting world can be daunting. Leaving the relative safety of university life can be a real shock to the system and when you have to find a job as well it can be difficult to get started. Well, you don’t have to face it alone, we’re here to help!


What you might need when you’re just starting out is a few useful tools to get you on your way. So just like Nick Fury we’ve assembled a team of resources to help you get started…

Careers and Placements

Shield logoWe know what it’s like to be a student; head down on the way to the library or to hand in an assignment, you might not have even noticed the Careers and Placements Service exists. But don’t worry if you didn’t notice us, we’re not mad! You can use our services for up to two years after your graduation and best of all, it’s free to do so. We can help with your career decisions, understanding vacancies and how they match your skills, interview techniques, setting up your own business, and more! Think of us as the organisation S.H.I.E.L.D (except in this case it stands for: Situational Help In Employment Learning and Direction!)

Action Plan

IronmanYou have to be the brains behind your job search. Don’t be tempted to sign up to everything without a clear plan. There are plenty of tools and resources out there to help get yourself organised, including this checklist, so suit up now.





Read more…

Catch up with the #UHFair2014

This time last week we were just winding down after another successful Jobs and Careers Fair at the University of Hertfordshire! It was a great day but if you missed it you can still get a taste of the day here, read on for more…

The Careers Fair was excellent, great to speak to such a variety of students all keen to learn about our opportunities.

TUI UK & Ireland

With blue skies and sun shining it was a great start to the day and College Lane was looking very well turned out with the Forum ready to welcome employers and a marquee erected on the grass just outside our office. For those who had just finished their exams and were looking towards the future this could be their first step as they readied themselves to meet the 47 employers exhibiting on the day.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Read more…

24 Hours – Count down to the Jobs and Careers Fair

24Jack Bauer from the series 24 manages to achieve a lot in one day. Can you out do him and save your career?! The Jobs and Careers Fair is tomorrow and there is still time to make sure you’re fully primed. Remember, any prep you can do before the day is better than none at all…


We’re not expecting CTU levels of knowledge but you need to know about the event; what it is, where it’s happening, who is attending and what is expected of you. Do some research into the companies attending, including looking at the vacancies they’re advertising on CareerHub, so you know if they’re looking for your skills. Employers tell us that one of the biggest turn off’s when meeting a student at a fair is being asked ‘What do you do then?’ How can you impress a company if you don’t know about their activities? Be prepared to stand out and flatter them with your knowledge!

Be aware of what employers are looking for from you. What skills are important to them? What should you use to sell yourself to them? Now these will be different from employer to employer, company to company, but the video below is a good indication of what to look for…

Read more…

Get your Career in Gear. Count down to the Jobs and Careers Fair

Our Careers Fair is just round the corner; the chance to wonder round the stalls, get some BBQ, and pick up some swag… Or just maybe it’s more than that? Perhaps it’s the chance to get yourself set up for that all-elusive prize – the graduate job.

Jobs and Careers Fair

Careers Fairs can be busy places with lots going on. You have employers trying to get your attention, your friends crowding round the jobs boards or trying to decide which presentation to go along to. It can be overwhelming but there is a way to make the most of it… Planning. Doing a bit of research beforehand can help you make the most of the day, hopefully without too much effort.

Here’s a few quick tips to help you: Read more…

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