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Getting your Career Match Fit

2014 FIFA World Cup LogoIt’s been a long wait but it is finally here. The World Cup, the pinnacle of world football. Watching the variations in the team’s styles over the past week has inspired me to think and approach tasks in different ways. Whether it is the creative, samba style of Brazil or the efficient, methodical approach of Germany, there is no one defining style to win the World Cup.

There are countless differences between the 32 teams competing at this year’s world cup; however, every team has one thing in common. Preparation. This should be the same for your job search. There are a variety of different approaches you can take when you start your job search; preparation should be the one thing that always remains…


Select your Squad
Before every World Cup each manager selects his squad. You need to do this too by selecting what roles suit you best. So whilst Roy Hodgson considers whether Rooney should play the left or more centrally, you need to think where you are best suited in terms of work environment, type of job, location, etc. Think about your relevant skills, past experiences, and what you are passionate about. These key areas can help you to ensure you select the perfect squad of jobs for you.

Warm Up Matches
Every team will play warm up matches to fine tune their performances for the real thing. The Careers and Placements Service are your coaches for this to make sure are match ready! Before applying for any vacancies, speak to us to help fine tune your CV, personal statement, and application. World Cup teams will have to change their approach to suit the playing style of different opponents – you need to ensure you adapt your applications to show each employer you have what they are looking for by carefully studying their form; in this case doing your research on the company and looking at the job description thoroughly! Read more…

Catch up with the #UHFair2014

This time last week we were just winding down after another successful Jobs and Careers Fair at the University of Hertfordshire! It was a great day but if you missed it you can still get a taste of the day here, read on for more…

The Careers Fair was excellent, great to speak to such a variety of students all keen to learn about our opportunities.

TUI UK & Ireland

With blue skies and sun shining it was a great start to the day and College Lane was looking very well turned out with the Forum ready to welcome employers and a marquee erected on the grass just outside our office. For those who had just finished their exams and were looking towards the future this could be their first step as they readied themselves to meet the 47 employers exhibiting on the day.

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24 Hours – Count down to the Jobs and Careers Fair

24Jack Bauer from the series 24 manages to achieve a lot in one day. Can you out do him and save your career?! The Jobs and Careers Fair is tomorrow and there is still time to make sure you’re fully primed. Remember, any prep you can do before the day is better than none at all…


We’re not expecting CTU levels of knowledge but you need to know about the event; what it is, where it’s happening, who is attending and what is expected of you. Do some research into the companies attending, including looking at the vacancies they’re advertising on CareerHub, so you know if they’re looking for your skills. Employers tell us that one of the biggest turn off’s when meeting a student at a fair is being asked ‘What do you do then?’ How can you impress a company if you don’t know about their activities? Be prepared to stand out and flatter them with your knowledge!

Be aware of what employers are looking for from you. What skills are important to them? What should you use to sell yourself to them? Now these will be different from employer to employer, company to company, but the video below is a good indication of what to look for…

Read more…

Get your Career in Gear. Count down to the Jobs and Careers Fair

Our Careers Fair is just round the corner; the chance to wonder round the stalls, get some BBQ, and pick up some swag… Or just maybe it’s more than that? Perhaps it’s the chance to get yourself set up for that all-elusive prize – the graduate job.

Jobs and Careers Fair

Careers Fairs can be busy places with lots going on. You have employers trying to get your attention, your friends crowding round the jobs boards or trying to decide which presentation to go along to. It can be overwhelming but there is a way to make the most of it… Planning. Doing a bit of research beforehand can help you make the most of the day, hopefully without too much effort.

Here’s a few quick tips to help you: Read more…

Is a whistle worth it? Count down to the Jobs and Careers Fair 2014

If you’re coming along to the Jobs and Careers Fair at the end of the week, will you be sporting a whistle? In case you’re not native cockney, whistle is rhyming slang for a suit. Whistle and flute – suit.

Jobs and Careers Fair
People make snap judgements on first impressions. It’s a fact, if not a particularly fair or nice one, that you can be judged on what you wear. Recruiters make assumptions about you based on what they experience in the first few minutes of meeting you. This includes your clothing and general grooming (hair, nails, beard, etc.). You should be comfortable when you’re at university – no one expects you to wear a suit to all of your lectures – but this is a different environment. This is the first contact with employers who are in turn looking for their new set of hires in their company. They want to see if you fit with their ‘brand’ and one of the easiest ways for them to do this is to visualise you in their work place. It’s hard to do this if your clothes don’t match.

Casual and smart

Now, not all companies are the same. Some require smart attire in the workplace, for others it’s less important. When going to interview you would research the company in more depth and decide if formal or smart-casual was more warranted (if in doubt – always go formal) but for a careers fair you are looking at lots of different companies, so what’s the best option? Read more…

5 Ways to Enjoy your Holiday and still be on top of your Job Search

RelaxingI have the utmost sympathy for you. There’s a bank holiday weekend coming up and the sun is shining (well, it was) perfect time to relax and enjoy yourself. But in the back of your mind you’re thinking that you still need to be looking for jobs. Don’t worry, you can do both and I’m going to tell you how…

Let me get this down straight off the bat; holidays are an important part of life. Making time to relax, unwind, see friends and family; they make sure you don’t lose track of important things in life and stop you getting burned out. This is true for workers, students, and job seekers alike. But… (yes, sorry, there’s always a ‘but’) sometimes the hard work still has to be put in, even when you’re on a break.

The reality is that, whilst most employers are likely to be taking a break too, some things don’t stop, vacancy closing dates for example. Taking a look at our CareerHub vacancies, there are 51 vacancies that expire over the bank holiday weekend, your dream opportunity might be amongst them. Hopefully you will have been proactive and already put an application in for a vacancy expiring in the next few days but make sure you look a little into the next week too so you have time to prepare. Remember employers can close their vacancies early if they get enough applicants.

So here’s five ways to succeed on holiday:

Alarm Clock1. Set the alarm

If you’re like me, you’ll love a lie-in! The holidays are a great excuse to sleep till noon. But you’ve got work to do, so set that alarm for a reasonable time in the morning. Then get up and get started on your tasks as soon as possible, ignore any tempting distractions like morning TV. Be disciplined in getting these things done first thing and out of the way.

2. Go Part-time
Ironically job searching can be a full-time job but during the holidays you can down shift to part-time. Prioritise your leads (hot/warm/cold) and focus on the hot ones for now. These will be the leads that are on-going and give you most chance of success. Make sure you honour your commitments – if you’re agreed to send someone an email, or your CV, you still need to do this. But leave the cold calling and speculative applications for now, you’re likely to just get voicemails and out-of-office replies anyway.

Read more…

LinkedIn Pro Tip #247

04/04/2014 3 comments

LinkedInUsing LinkedIn for your career networking can be a fantastic way to get a head start in the job market. There’s lots of little hints and tips pro users employ to get the best of the ‘professional network’ but with LinkedIn showing you updates from your contacts, Pulse delivering must-read insights from influencers, and your group notifications pinging away, you can still miss the best tips. Here’s one that you might find useful…

LinkedIn Screenshot 01

LinkedIn has a great little tool for tracking your interactions with your connections. If you haven’t used it yet, this tour notification may pop up for you, if not click on ‘relationship’ underneath your connection’s picture.

LinkedIn Screenshot 02

Here you get the option to save a note about your connection; how you met (for example at a networking event), what you talked about, offers of help you have made or received, reminders of meetings or birthdays. You can save who introduced you and even set up your own tagging system to organise your contacts.

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