The Careers and Placements Team has various Twitter accounts you can follow, based on the sector you are interested in:

UniofHertsCEE – The University of Hertfordshire’s Careers, Employment and Enterprise Service main account

UHEngCaps – Career new for Eng students

UoH_InPrint – InPrint looks at career info and opportunities open for photography and writing/publishing. Part of @UoH_Careers and @UoH_Placements at the @UniofHerts.

CharityJobsUH – Careers news and advice for students interested in charities and voluntary work from The Careers and Placements Service.

GoCreativeArts – Careers and Placements Officer – Supporting School of Creative Arts – @UniofHerts – Views my own

SportsCareersUH – Careers and Placements Officer – Uni of Herts – Sports jobs and news – Views my own.

BioCareersUH – Careers Adviser tweeting in a personal capacity about issues relating to Biosciences Careers

SueTCW – Interested in promoting opportunities for Physics, Astrophysics, Maths and Engineering students  at: Careers and Placements Service, University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield

CareerView – Creative careers news and views. News for students and graduates. Views my own.

UHCareersHSW – Careers and Placements Officer – Uni of Herts – Health & Social Work jobs and news – Views my own

UH_CS_ITcareers – Careers Adviser specialising in Computer Science, IT, International, PhD and early years research

– Interested in student and graduate opportunities.

Please take a moment to read our Twitter Policy

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