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Time to start planning your summer?


It’s long been a frustrating fact. When you’re a student you have long holidays and little or no money to go anywhere, and when you’re working it’s the opposite: a bit more money, but the time off in which to enjoy it is sadly curtailed.   With a bit of planning, though, you could have the best of both worlds.  How about working on a summer camp in the USA (several are currently being advertised on Career Hub), or working as an au pair or in hospitality in a Mediterranean resort? Check out Mark Warner, Summer Jobs Abroad and Gap 360 for further ideas.

How does it sound to have the beach or pool as your workplace?  If you are over 16, a good swimmer and can stay focused in an emergency, then working as a lifeguard might be the ideal job for you.  You could either work in a pool (outdoor options possible in the summer) or on one of the 200 lifeguarded beaches around the UK.  It is also a highly portable qualification if you want to work abroad or find part-time work while studying.  Find out more about beach lifeguarding from the RNLI and about pool lifeguarding from the RLSS.  Incidentally, you can qualify as a pool lifeguard at UH – the next course starts in April.

You could use your summer to test out a future career.  If you are considering teaching, Teach First offers taster days, or you could contact local schools to find work experience – the Schools Web Directory has a database searchable by location.  Inspiring Interns has short-term openings, as has Employment for Students e4s. Formal vacation schemes are highly-prized, offering an insight into an employer and, if you perform well, the chance of a longer-term job.  Inspiring Interns, Career Hub and Rate my Placement can all be good starting places to look.

For more ideas, come along to our Work Experience Fair on Wednesday 16 March in the Atrium on de Havilland. Around 30 organizations offering jobs or work experience at home and abroad will be on hand to tell you more. Career Hub has full details.


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