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One week left to apply for flare 2016!


With one week to go until the close of round one, the enterprise team are here with some words of advice to help you through the first phase of the competition.

Opportunities aplenty

flare gives anyone with an idea the opportunity to gain recognition for it, no matter how far along in the planning process you are or what skills you bring to the product or service on offer. You might be the business brains behind the venture, the inventor with a gadget that will set the world alight, the technical genius with an app to revolutionise the way we work or you might just have a simple solution to a problem that’s been bugging you for a while.

Here to help

Many of us have an idea but don’t know where to turn, so think of flare as more of a helping hand than a competition. Of course there’s a formal process to it and a deadline for entries, but both of these things can only help you to structure your thinking and move your idea to the next stage.

Don’t be afraid

The first phase of entering a competition is scary, that’s for sure, but only in a good way. Video entries are all the rage in the competition world at the moment, so if you can get your head around the process now, you’re likely to be in a great position for future pitching opportunities.

Stick to the point

Be clear and concise when explaining your idea. You won’t be judged on your acting ability, but we do need to understand what it is that you’re trying to communicate to us.

The judges want to know what your product or service is, how it meets the needs of the consumer, what the benefits are to the end user, what’s unique about it – unique doesn’t mean it has to be the first of its kind, it could be an improvement on someone else’s idea – and why you think it deserves to win the competition.

Write down your thoughts

Why did you come up with the idea in the first place, what are the three or four key things you want to get across to the audience, then say it out loud to people you feel comfortable sharing it with.

Pitch to your friends

Ask them if it makes sense and if there’s anything they didn’t grasp how you could explain it better to them. Take their points on board, you might not agree with all of them, but they’re still worth considering.

Nothing to lose

flare is not the be all and end all. If you make it through to the next round then great, if you don’t then now is not the time to give up. Consider this as a starting point. You have already gained some great exposure and you’ve prepared a pitch that can be used to promote your idea whenever the next opportunity arises.

Ask for feedback

Don’t forget to ask for feedback on your idea; book an appointment on CareerHub to discuss next steps and make sure you sign up to our newsletter so that you can be notified of all the supportive initiatives we will be running throughout 2016.

This blog was written by Kate Serby, Enterprise Officer at the University of Hertfordshire.

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