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Meet the Employer Service Team




Top row, left to right: Nick Clarke, Chloe Collins, James Allen                      Bottom row, left to right: Anjulie Mottram, Gill Mckenzie, Sallie Wilson, Ellie Krastina


For those of you who don’t know, the Employer Service Team was established in March 2013 and sits within the Careers, Employment and Enterprise Service at the University of Hertfordshire. A team of eight we are the only “non-student facing” group within the service and are tasked with building links with industry and acting as the point of contact for anyone wishing to access the wide range of student talent the university has to offer. We also take the lead on employer events within the university such as careers fairs and employer presentations. The Careers, Employment and Enterprise employer services are non-chargeable to the majority of employers as our focus is on providing opportunities for student / recruiter engagement rather than generating revenue. Chances are if you’re a student meeting a recruiter on campus or an employer meeting a student, a member of the Employer Service Team will have played a part in facilitating that link. There are a range of channels open for recruiters to meet students including but not limited to careers fairs, roadshows, guest presentations and lecture drop-ins. We also aim to be as flexible as possible and to accommodate any fresh new ideas recruiters may have for attracting talent.

To find out how we can support you in accessing the full range of student talent and recruiter services please call 01707 284 791 or email recruit@herts.ac.uk.

This blog was written by James Allen, Employment and Placements Adviser at the University of Hertfordshire.

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