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My Flux 500 Experience part 2

Yesterday we left Jordan exhausted after the first day of the Flux 500 competition. Read on to find out how he and his team fared on day two…



By the start of the second day, the time seemed to fly by even quicker than the first and the nerves of remembering lines for the presentation was intense. And before we knew it, we were summoned to give our presentation, not only in front of the judges, but also in front of the other three Universities within our group that we were competing against and it almost felt as though I was back in second year at University taking part in an in-class presentation that was worth a percentage of my final grade!

However, from the beginning to end, the presentation seemed to run seamlessly and everyone seemed confident in the way the presentation had gone. Straight after the presentation followed 10 minutes of Q and As on our business ideas which was quite challenging. This was quite difficult to deal with at first because it involved business experts in a range of different areas to ask specific questions but the team managed to tackle every single question, often chipping in to help if a member of the team seemed to be struggling with a particular response.

After this was done, we were allowed a short break and then told about task two which was a 5 minute pitch to all judges, sponsors and 12 Universities. The topic was slightly different and focused on a scenario where the directors needed a four month goal to show instant success in increasing profits to prevent the organisation from closing down.

The catch however was that the winners of the first round were not announced until after preparation for the final pitch was done and only the winners of each stream were allowed to present! And we only had 45 minutes in order to prepare this.

We rushed back to the drawing board and got straight back to work knowing that time was against us and somehow managed to streamline our original ideas into a four month plan, ready to give the final pitch our all and then shortly after, we were summoned to hear the results…

As the winners of our stream were announced, our whole team felt disheartened that we did not qualify for the finals and would not get to pitch our final idea to everyone but we left proud knowing that with the limited amount of time we had, we were able to come up with a strong strategic business plan and deliver an effective 10 minute presentation to business professionals getting our ideas across.

Although we didn’t win, not only did I learn a great deal and develop my key skills in the short amount of time but I also got the opportunity to network with global organisations whilst being at the competition. It was a fantastic experience which I would recommend any enterprising students or even students who watch The Apprentice’ and say “I can do a better job than them!” to step forward, get involved and take on the challenge next year!


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