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Life of a Placement Student: Applications and Interviews Abroad



Hi my name’s Dani and I’m the Enterprise placement student for Careers, Employment and Enterprise. Through these posts you will get an insight into the daily tasks and life of a student on placement. Firstly, I would like to give you some background information about myself; I am a BA Business Studies student at the University of Hertfordshire and have just spent the last year studying abroad at the University of Western Sydney, which was an incredible opportunity.

Whilst abroad, I had the struggle of attempting to find a placement for when I returned home for my third year. Fortunately, I found this opportunity advertised on www.careerhub.herts.ac.uk and sent through my CV and Cover Letter and was lucky enough to be shortlisted for an interview; however it wasn’t your regular interview, it was via Skype. For any student currently abroad applying for jobs back in the UK, or students interested in working abroad, Skype will become extremely important for interviews. To some degree, it makes you feel less nervous because you aren’t in the room with the interviewers. But at the same time you have a lot of responsibilities, in particular making sure your surroundings are appropriate. For example, make sure you’re in a quiet location, preferably your bedroom and don’t forget to put a note on your door…having flatmates or unexpected guests walk in during your interview isn’t going to end well!

Also, TIME ZONES, the bane of our existence, making phone/skype interviews much harder than expected. Make sure you confirm the time of your interview and ensure any number you provide to your potential employer includes the dialling code appropriate for your country. My advice to any student in their second year looking for a placement, would be to start early and make sure you make the potential employer is aware of your location in your cover letter. It’s important to bear in mind some companies may not put you through to the interview stage if they don’t get to meet you in person. However, fortunately there is a growing number of international companies and they understand, that in order to recruit a multicultural and well-travelled workforce, they must appreciate and incorporate these forms of communication when interviewing for a vacancy.

Hopefully you found these tips helpful and I look forward to updating you with further insights into the ‘Life of a Placement Student’ soon!


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