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Should you put your address on a CV?


It might seem like the answer to this is obvious. Of course your address should appear on your CV and why not?

But there are some reasons to consider leaving it out.

The first is that it’s no longer strictly necessary. When was the last time an organisation sent you a letter by post? This is becoming increasingly rare. All a potential employer needs these days is a reliable means of contacting you. So you must include an email address (of an account that you monitor regularly) plus a mobile or landline phone number.

Secondly, do you live a long way from your prospective employer? You can bet that when you send in your CV someone will notice this and wonder how long you will have to spend commuting. Then they will wonder if you are going to be punctual or if you will be tired and distracted at work. They might also consider if you will be able to be flexible if a job requires staying late or starting early.

Finally you may also run the risk of being judged. Employers are human beings and they have their ideas about which neighbourhoods and districts produce the sort of people they think make good employees. This may be unfair or unreasonable but you can avoid the risk by not telling them where you live. They are then forced to consider you on the basis of your qualifications, skills and experience and the way you have presented your case for employment via your CV.

If you would like to find out more about writing a CV and what should be included, check the CV resources on CareerHub.

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