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Are you the next TARGETJobs Undergraduate of the Year? – hear from two former finalists on why you should apply



2015 Target Jobs  Undergraduate of the year finalists: Laura Muehlenkamp & Richard Devereux accompanied by Judith Baines (centre) Head of Careers, Employment & Enterprise

Two of our University of Hertfordshire students, Laura Muehlenkamp (LM) and Richard Devereux (RD), made it to the prestigious TARGETjobs 2015 Undergraduate of the Year Awards.

With applications for the 2016 Targetjobs Undergraduate of the year awards now open, we have asked former finalists Richard and Laura questions on why our University of Hertfordshire students should apply.

Why did you decide to apply to the Targetjobs Undergraduate Of The Year awards?

RD: The awards were advertised through Studynet and via email. At first I didn’t give it much attention as I thought there is no way I would have the slightest chance of winning. After a few days I kept returning to the awards website and saw the application process was very similar to graduate job applications. It would be perfect practice and if I got through some of the stages that would be a bonus


LM: I saw the Undergraduate of the Year Awards advertised on the newsfeed on StudyNet and thought it sounded quite interesting. I had a look on the link and read up on what it said on the website and I thought it would sound very good on my CV if I would get any further in the competition. I applied and I would have never thought that I would get as far as the final.


What made you choose the specific award you went for?

LM: I have always been really interested in languages and am able to speak a few which is why I chose this specific award. I had a look at all the other awards and could have applied for them as well especially as I am studying Law with Business but I felt that the languages award would be suited best for my own abilities.

RD: First I filtered through the awards, leaving the engineering relevant ones. I chose the ‘Low Carbon Energy’ award because had a keen interest in low carbon technologies. I had experience working on fuel saving systems on my industrial placement at Ford Motor Company. I also joined the Universities World Solar Challenge Team. This award was most relevant to my interests and experience, I thought that would give me the best chance in standing out in the application process.

What was the application process like?


LM: The first step was simply filling out personal details and experience as you would do for an online application form for a job. The second stage included 4 online tests which were logical and numerical reasoning tests as well as a situational judgement test. Stage 3 consisted of an online interview in your second language and then a half-day assessment centre including a group exercise and oral presentation. The final stage was the grand final in London where the winners were announced.


What do you think you have gained from becoming a finalist and would you encourage other students to take part?

RD: I gained a huge amount of confidence as I advanced through the process. It made job applications easier as I knew what to say and how to say it. Without a doubt every student should apply, there is nothing to lose! Also don’t think there no way you’ll win or get through the first sages. If your thinking that then the likelihood is everyone else is too, giving you a better chance!  The final was a really fun day in London meeting so many like minded people with plenty of free food and wine! Also its an amazing networking opportunity, I know several finalists who were offered jobs even without winning. After the ceremony most of finalists went into the city for a few drinks (paid by the sponsors) and I still keep in touch with several of them today.


LM: I was surprised that I was shortlisted for the award and that I was going to the final in Canary Wharf. I had never been to an award ceremony like that before and it was such a great experience. It was amazing to meet the other candidates competing for the award and talking about their backgrounds. It was a great opportunity to network as members of the companies sponsoring the award were at the event.


Click here for information on all the ten possible awards you can apply for. If you are interested in applying we can help you with your application, just book via CareerHub.






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