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Life as a placement student: A small fish in a very big pond


Three months ago I began my (rather crazy) placement journey as a Brand Marketing Assistant at Sky in the Brand Communications team. After my first week the sheer size of the business I was in soon dawned on me, being 1 of 30,000 members of staff; having a marketing budget in excess of £350m a year and serving over 12 million UK customers. Not to mention working on a campus bigger than College Lane, which accommodates 16 office buildings, 8 restaurants/cafes, a state of the art gym and hair/beauty salon!

When I first started I was anxious about a whole load of things… Will I like my role? Will my team like me? Will there be help when I need it? Will I be taken seriously as a placement student? I can now confirm the answer to all of those questions is YES. The employees at Sky make it an extremely enjoyable place to work. No matter what your level your voice will be listened to, help will be at hand and all with a smile.



                      My first day with the other placement students at                      the Loft Italian Restaurant on campus







So, what have I actually been doing since I started? In the Brand Communications team we’ve been working on two main campaigns, Sky Movies Christmas and The Sky Difference. The Sky Movies Christmas campaign (rather self explanatory) is an exciting through the line, brand awareness campaign that invites consumers to ‘Step into the Adventure’ with Sky Movies, this Christmas. The Sky Difference Campaign is a brand awareness campaign that goes live on Boxing Day to remind Sky customers about the amazing benefits they receive with their Sky packages, when they might be thinking about cancelling. My other day-to-day responsibilities include managing the Best Practice programme and website – this is a training programme that offers all employees in Sales & Marketing a variety of workshops to aid their development at Sky. I’ve been going to all of the sessions on the programme, which has aided not only my development, but also my networking skills from visiting a range of specialist agencies (my inner uni student was exposed when visiting Facebook HQ – FREE food!).

Thanks for reading! Any questions? Elizabeth.Clarke@sky.uk

Watch our TV ad for the Sky Movies Christmas campaign here !

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