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Are the best jobs only available in London?

London is so close to University of Hertfordshire that you can practically see the glimmer of opportunities.  But should you be starting to think beyond London for your first job?

Is the sector you’re planning to go into doing very well in another city like Manchester, Cambridge or Edinburgh?

Perhaps you’re curious about the concept of a northern powerhouse and have been thinking about opportunities that might open up in the north?

Do you struggle with the idea, that even with a good entry level job, most of your salary will go on rent, never mind saving to buy a house or flat?

Different professions follow different recruitment and progression patterns.  For example, aspiring lawyers and teachers will often relocate anywhere in the country for their first teaching job or training contract.  It’s not surprising if you are starting to think along the same lines.

Key to your next steps is doing your research and bringing your analytical skills into play:

  • Have you looked at the relative percentages of jobs in your industry (e.g. IT) advertised in different cities?
  • Do you know whether large firms are opening up new offices in a new location?
  • Is there large scale investment in a city or are the links to it likely to improve dramatically, potentially bringing bright prospects to businesses in the area?
  • Perhaps it’s not the location but the project – for example, is there an infrastructure project planned, like Crossrail or HS2 that you could see yourself being part of?

There are some excellent Labour Market Information (LMI) resources out there.  Here’s one to get you started: Prospects – Job Sectors.  You could come into Careers, Employment and Enterprise to have a chat with a Careers Adviser about utilising LMI. You never know, start using them now and you could get ahead of the game!

Emma Janes

Careers and Placements Officer

Careers, Employment and Enterprise

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