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How to find a placement abroad

Working abroad for your placement year can really boost your career. Not only will you gain valuable work experience but you will demonstrate that you are an independent and adventurous person with an international perspective and additional language skills. These are qualities highly desired by employers.

So how do you find the opportunities and apply? You’ll need to put some extra effort in. You’ll have to cope with overseas application processes, different languages, time zones and expectations. You’ll also need at least a basic proficiency in your target country’s language.

If you are an EU citizen, perhaps the best place to start looking is within the EU as this will reduce complications with visas. If you are looking outside the EU or you’re from a country outside the EU, remember that visa applications can be complicated and often have fees attached. Seek advice about this before applying.

You could start by looking at the websites of large multi-national companies who are based in the UK to see if they are advertising overseas placements. You should also check www.careerhub.herts.ac.uk regularly for vacancies.  Try your network – maybe a message on Linked In or other social media or asking your contacts. If you have a part-time job with a large company, ask if they have any opportunities abroad.

There are several specialist online resources to check:

Rate My Placement International – job adverts and resources for placements abroad

IAESTE – International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience

AIESEC – international organisation for placements and internships

Going Global – resources for job searching and job vacancies worldwide

Finally, don’t forget to book an appointment with an adviser from Careers, Employment and Enterprise and attend a workshop. We have one on CVs for International Students on 17.11.15 in Room W128, Law Block, de Havilland Campus. Booking is via CareerHub.

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