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What to do if I get a job offer and have other interviews pending?

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First of all give yourself a massive pat on the back, to have successfully been selected for interview, let alone having received a job offer, shows that you are leading the competition when it comes to securing a role.

Now you need to do some serious thinking. You have been offered a job and now need to decide whether to accept the post. Ask yourself some questions: Is this my preferred job? Is it within an organisation I want to work for? Does it provide good training and development? Is the salary what I was hoping for? Is it in my preferred location? Now ask yourself the same questions about the roles you have interviews for. This should help you identify what your first choice job would be.

If your top role is the one you have a job offer for then you can accept the position and call the other companies to politely decline the forthcoming interviews. Should your top choice be one of the other roles you have a more difficult decision to make which often comes down to timing. You can buy yourself a bit of time, let the company who have given you an offer know you remain very interested in the post. You can ask to see a copy of the contract and ask when they need a firm acceptance of the role by. This may in itself buy you enough time to have the next interview and know the outcome.

Should the timings not permit this you need to carefully consider your position. An interview is not a guarantee of a job offer so you may decide a firm offer gives you more security. You may decide that you are willing to pass up the job offer in favour of seeking employment with a preferred organisation or in a different role even if this has some risk attached to it.

Some people decide that they will verbally accept the first offer and still attend the upcoming interviews with the plan to then turn down the first offer should they be selected for a different role. A few things to consider here: Have you signed a contract? And have you started the first role? If yes you will be contractually bound to serve a notice period for that role before starting a new post. Typically during a probationary period this is only a week but beyond this you must consider the repercussions of a decision like this. You will likely be cutting any ties with that employer not only for now but also in the future as this type of behaviour isn’t hugely professional so think carefully before opting for this route. Is the job you are going to one that can offer you everything you want and are you sure you no longer want to work for the current company both now and in the future?

Finally this isn’t a decision process you have to go through alone. You can discuss any aspect of this in a Careers Guidance appointment. This service is available to current students and graduates of up to 2 years. Should you like to book an appointment please call Careers, Employment and Enterprise on 01707 284791 or book directly through CareerHub.

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