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What employers are looking for

From the outset of any application an employer will want to see that you understand the job you are applying for and to prove to them that you can do it.  This may sound obvious but many employers will tell you that they don’t often see this from applicants.

An employer will want you to show them enthusiasm and passion for a role.  They will want you to understand your skill set and how you can apply it working in their organisaton.  Don’t write yourself off if you have never worked in that environment.  You will have transferrable skills from previous work experience and your time at university. Employers will have read many applications and interviewed many people in the past and they will have seen lots of familiar and well-worn phrases eg I am a hardworking, highly motivated individual; I can work well as part of a team and on my own initiative.  How can you stand out or appeal to the employer if you are saying the same thing as 50 other applicants.

Employers are not only looking for someone who has the right skills to do a job.  It may also be important for them that the successful applicant will fit into the working environment.  An employer who was on campus recently advised how this is incredibly important to their recruitment process.  They are a young, dynamic organisation that flourishes through a fun and informal environment.  They will have this at the forefront of their minds during the interview process and the applicant’s personality and fit will play a part in their final decision making.

Also don’t forget to make sure that what the employer is looking for is what you want to do!

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