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Paid Internships Exclusively for UH Grads!

The word ‘paid’ is one not often associated with the term ‘internship’ these days. However, knowing that our graduates deserve to be paid, the University has made a partnership with 30 SMEs (small to medium sized enterprises) to offer three-month paid internships in a variety of roles, ranging from IT to Finance, Law, Sport and so on. That’s right, paid. Not only will you be gaining work experience but also earning £1k a month!

That’s the good news. Now here’s the great news… These positions are just for University of Hertfordshire graduates. So you’ll only be up against those graduates from your university, not from all over the country and beyond, increasing your chances. That’s not to say applications will be easy; you will still need to tailor your applications as you normally would and information can be found here.

You may have heard the term SME before but do you know what it means? A small to medium-sized enterprise is a company that typically has a turnover of less than £50million and employs less than 250 employees. SMEs employ 15.2 million people in the UK, account for 99.3% of all private sector businesses in the UK and have a combined turnover of £1.6 trillion (Federation of Small Businesses) – I’ll give you a moment for these figures to sink in…

Where do I find these vacancies? All of the internships will be advertised on CareerHub (www.careerhub.herts.ac.uk). You can do a search for them by typing ‘grad intern’ into the search box under the vacancies section. We also have a list of them available in the consultation rooms in both of our offices. You can also register your interest by emailing Gill McKenzie (g.a.mckenzie@herts.ac.uk) who will notify you by email as and when new internships are added with links of where you can find them. We currently have 30 being advertised, so don’t miss out! Oh and did we mention it was paid?

And the last point? You need to apply NOW. These positions will start from October onwards. Take a look at the positions on offer and start your research on the companies as soon as possible. Book an appointment to go through your applications with us and we’ll help make sure you are making the best of your skills.

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