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Still undecided about taking a placement year? – hear from those at the end of their placement.

Following the ‘Undecided about taking a placement blog released last week, we asked our returning placement students about their placement experience so we could tell you about what they gained from it.

We were interested to hear what their motivations were for doing a placement; 76% of them said that it was to help improve their long term career prospects which is great news as the 2015 Highflier reports states that 31% of all graduate vacancies are expected to be filled by undergraduates who have had previous work experience with that organisation – such as an industrial placement.

Looking at the comments below from some of our students it is quite clear to see that undertaking a placement can be a great experience:

  • “The experience you gain on a placement year is invaluable and every student should endeavour to secure a placement.”
  • “The placement year has been one of the best experiences to date, I would recommend it to anyone.”
  • “Not only does completing a placement help you expand your industry awareness and give you a real taste of a full time job, but it can also give you a competitive edge through providing the opportunity to gain experience in that field which may help you to stand out against other applicants.”
  • “Great experience. Would recommend it 100%.”
  • “The placement year was definitely an experience not to be missed, helps you develop yourself in the working environment and learn what is required of you.”

Undertaking a placement is not only beneficial career wise, it can also help build character and confidence which is invaluable. It also gives you a taste of the ‘real working world’ and a level of responsibility which you can thrive in.

  • “Great decision to make, not only for a career choice but also personal growth.”
  • “It was the best thing I’ve ever done as I gained valuable work experience to help me in my career and gained a lot of confidence in myself”.

The important thing to remember when applying for placements is to apply early. One of the respondents mentioned that many of his friends failed to secure a placement. It is important to realise that when applying for placements you are not only competing against fellow University of Hertfordshire students, you are competing against students from universities across the UK and maybe even beyond that.

It can be difficult to find jobs so when an opportunity arises for you to network with recruiting employers on campus don’t miss it. Meet recruiting placement employers at the Graduate Recruitment & Placement Fair; for more information and to book your place click here.

‘Experience and personal growth’ are two major advantages of undertaking a placement. If you are still undecided after this blog why not book an appointment with a Careers Adviser to discuss all of your options.

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