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Undecided about taking a placement year?

Doing a work placement is a good idea, isn’t it?  You’ve probably heard about how doing one can help with your career, develop your skills for work and enhance your academic study.  But perhaps you’re still not convinced and ready to commit….

Question the value of doing a placement?

This is a tricky one to pin down, since no placement is the same.  It can help to go back to basics and establish what would make a placement worthwhile for you.  Could it be a full-time paid job, travel overseas, or paving the way to return to a company as a graduate that appeals to you?  Once you’ve worked out what a worthwhile placement would be for you, why not go online and look for opportunities that match your vision for your placement year.

Haven’t weighed up the pros and cons yet?

Make a list of plus and minus points and see which is longer.  If your gut instinct tells you that the result is wrong for you, try giving a weighting to the plus and minus points from 1 – 3 (1 – quite important, 2 – important, 3 – very important) and tally up the scores. You might feel happy with your decision, but even if it wasn’t clear cut, you’ll feel more certain about what’s important to you.

Doubts that won’t go away?

From niggling doubts to mental roadblocks, our reservations can stop us getting on with something we really want to do.  Have you talked these through with friends and family? There might be solutions or perspectives that you haven’t thought of yet.  If you’d like to sit down and talk your thoughts through, you mind find an appointment with a Careers Adviser really helpful.

Interested in finding out more about work placements generally?

In September and October we’ll be running Placement Events in your School.  You’ll have a chance to meet your team of Careers Advisers and Placement Officers.  In these sessions we will unpack the benefits of doing a placement year, share top tips on how to land a one, and pin point what counts as a work placement as part of your degree.

Here at the Careers, Employment and Enterprise Service, you have a dedicated team of Placement Officers who can help you with placement job search, CV and cover letter feedback and the practicalities of approving your work placement as part of your undergraduate degree.  There’s also a range of resources for you about placements on CareerHub – you can find them by searching ‘placement’ and ‘work experience’ key words.

You can call in or get in touch with us with all of your questions – we’re looking forward to helping you find a placement!  Please either call in to the Service, call on 01707 284791 or email at placements@herts.ac.uk.

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