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Assessment Centres

Assessment centres are widely used by employers because they give a much fairer and objective picture of your skills and attributes than a simple interview.  They can seem bewildering, though. You may face group exercises, presentations, role plays, work simulations, interviews and a variety of tests measuring your behaviour and skills. How you interact with other candidates, interviewers and other staff will play a big part in the final decision.

The process gives your potential employer the chance to assess whether you have the skills they are looking for. That may be team work, leadership, analytical, numeracy, planning and communication skills, for example. Assessing those skills will give them an accurate idea of how you are likely perform at work.

Preparation is vital. Do your research about the organisation and the job you are applying for and review your application. Follow any instructions you have been given carefully (for example, about bringing a prepared presentation).

On the day, act as naturally as possible. Be as collaborative and inclusive as you can be, showing your willingness to have a go at the tasks. Don’t compete – remember that there is probably more than one vacancy and showing off is not successful team or leadership behaviour. If you mess up a task, stay calm and resolve to do better on the next one. The employer will be impressed if you can recover well from mistakes. If you’re interviewed, remember to use concrete evidence to back up any claims you make about your skills.

If you would like to know more and get some hands on experience, CEE are running two intensive one day Fast Track events on 22nd and 23rd September where you will be able learn and experience much more about employers’ selection processes.

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