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Mind the GAP! Graduate Expectations vs Reality

“Once I graduate from university, I expect to be on a graduate scheme with one of the big blue chip companies earning at least the ‘average graduate annual salary’ of around £27,000.”

The above statement is what many current students and graduates expect and why shouldn’t they? One of the main reasons they have gone to university in the first place is to give them the best opportunity of securing a well-paid job at a large organisation. However, should these expectations be considered the norm, and what everyone should aim to achieve?

Watch the video below as graduate consultant, Rebecca Fielding, discusses the big differences between what graduates expect they will be doing after they graduate, and what they actually end up doing. Rebecca closes the gap on the reality and expectations of graduates, by sharing research, de-bunking myths and telling stories about all of the real and fabulous opportunities that are available out there.

There are lots of right paths for graduates after they finish university which don’t always follow the graduate scheme route – make sure you don’t miss out on your options by only considering this route. The Careers, Employment and Enterprise Service will support you for up to two years after you have graduated – you can book a one to one appointment with a Careers Adviser via careerhub.herts.ac.uk.

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