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Life as a placement student: a blazing summer

The last 3 months have been crazy, hence my quiet spell of late – so I will give you a whistle stop tour of some of the highlights. To start, I am happy to say I passed my placement portfolio! This is a written assessment that reflects upon your employment, what you have learnt, skills gained and projects you have been involved with.

The Summer Fair in May was a great success with 876 bookings, and 53 exhibiting employers. I had arguably one of the best and worst spots, supervising the burger van. It meant I was able to speak to almost every attendee and employer, but subsequently meant coming home smelling sweetly of onions and cheese – yum! Joking aside, it was so encouraging to see employers and companies genuinely interested in UH students, some of which were past classmates and current friends of mine.

May also saw the last Enterprise Knowledge workshop of the academic year. Part of my Enterprise role has been to oversee sessions; from supervising bookings to contacting and meeting guest speakers. The last session was held by an external visitor from WENTA for ‘Start-up Finances and Forecasts’ – just in time for those polishing off their business plans for the flare competition.

The flare finalists have been selected, and in truth I have been amazed by some of the utterly original and exciting business ideas entered into this year’s competition. I envy everyone who has the inclination to be so creative and would like to wish everyone the best of luck in the next stage of the competition – pitching!

One of the highlights of my placement journey so far has been our team building day in June. Our department was joined by the Mad Professor Ltd group who bought with them the Quantum Challenge 100. On arrival we were split into teams to compete against each other. Tasks included bell ringing, napkin folding, beer mat flipping, balloon modelling, trigonometry solving, relay racing, sailor knot-tying, blindfolded tent construction and more. With 100 different tasks to choose from, it was ridiculously good fun for everyone!

Each time a task was completed by a team, they were rewarded with fun money – the harder the task, the more money you received. I was lucky enough to have been a member of the highest grossing team of the day having earned £31,000 – if only it was real money hey?! But it was so fun and great to have the whole department together.

The Mad Professor group also joined us for the first day of our Enterprise Launch Pad which was a roaring triumph. The Launch Pad was a mammoth task to arrange and execute, however the feedback has been extremely positive. Participants gained 3 days of intensive business start-up and freelance guidance, including seminars on topics such as crowd funding which was hosted by Steve Folwell from LOVESPACE. No doubt next month’s blog post will be filled with the start-up successes of our Launch Pad attendees and flare finalists!

To close, I have some introductions to make – July has brought to the department the 2015/16 intake of placement students! I would like to extend a warm welcome to Ellie, Danielle and Jordan who will be working within the Careers, Employment and Enterprise service for the next year. I wish them all the best in their placement journey.

August will bring the concluding instalment to my blog series. With preparations for the new academic year, and the flare final well underway, I look forward to what my final month with the CEE team brings.

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