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Pre-season: Getting prepped for the job hunt!

We’re well into summer now and with that comes the pre-season preparation for football teams up and down the country. So with your academic term over, what are you going to be doing with your summer? Whether you’re heading into your final year and feeling daunted by what is to come, or your placement search is about to begin, here are some tips for getting you in shape for the season ahead.

Get ahead of the game

Pre-season for most clubs starts earlier and earlier; the top talent are already looking ahead to next season and what they need to do to prepare, so you should do the same. Looking at potential placements for the following year is a great way to get a lot of good applications done. You will find some major blue chip organisations have their placement and graduate scheme’s open for applications in the summertime, so get yours in then. That way you’re not worrying about it when the deadline day comes round.

Travel far and network

A lot of clubs take pre-season in numerous locations, meeting new people and gaining great exposure too. So taking the opportunity to network with as many people as possible can be invaluable for your job search. Sign up to LinkedIn to get your personal brand out there, connecting with people and following groups; it’s also a great way of getting scouted by a top employer. Check out the range of careers events that take place over the summer and get involved. It could be the start of a relationship that gets you that transfer into a dream job.

Compete in tournaments

There are a vast range of diverse and exciting student competitions for you to get involved in and summer is the perfect time. Check out Student Competitions for updates on the upcoming competitions and you could be showcasing your skills, knowledge and experience to the world.

Learn from the best

The best players get support from as many different people and services as possible, from the physios to the coaches, from nutritionists to equipment managers all these people support the player in getting them ready for the new season. Therefore, getting advice and guidance from the people who understand job hunting and what options are available to you is key when job hunting. It is absolutely crucial that you take full advantage of what is on offer. The Careers, Employment and Enterprise service are on hand to offer a wide range of support and resources for job hunters, whether you are looking for a summer job, placement or graduate scheme. Come in and see us for anything you want to know and we can support you every step of the way.

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