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Philosophy Alumni Case Study

Name: Laura Mundy

What is your current role and what are your day to day activities?

I am currently a manager for a social charity that provides support for vulnerable people. I manage two services, one which prepares vulnerable people for the introduction of universal credit and is a pilot whose research findings will determine how support is structured with welfare reforms. The other service I manage is part of the national troubled families programme, I support a team who work intensively with families with complex needs, adopting a whole family approach to provide holistic support whilst feeding into a payment by results scheme. I have a team of 14 and am responsible for ensuring they are performing, supporting them, developing the service in terms of quality and strategy and managing data and outcomes.

How did you get into this role?

In university I was interested in society and how it was structured and what support there was out there so I volunteered at the Hatfield citizens advice bureau and gained experience in working with homeless individuals and people with mental ill health. When I completed my Masters I applied for a locum position and have worked my way up the organisation working in a variety of roles in hostels of drinkers and drug users and sex workers, supported housing projects and floating support services.

Do you use your degree in your current role?

The things that have been useful about my course that I use in my day to day role aren’t the ins and outs of arguments and who said what, but the excellent skills I learned along the way. My analytical skills are paramount in my ability to work through complex situations and unpick them and make correct analyses. I am a strong communicator and am confident in speaking to a large group of people and am also confident in interview, I think doing presentations and taking part in seminar discussions were crucial in building my confidence in these areas. I also think that being able to grasp new concepts quickly is a skill that philosophy has honed in me and I am able to troubleshoot most major problems that I come across in my work life because I can reason through them

Do you have any advice for alumni/ recent graduates/ current students who are considering a career in your sector?

You might surprise yourself if you go for a social care role, it opens your eyes to how the real world works and is immensely rewarding. Gaining as much experience as possible is important so volunteer in different settings with people from all different backgrounds.  Also, doing a social work Masters will ensure higher pay in this sector and more scope for progression.

Do you have any advice for students currently studying the same course you did on how to effectively utilise their degree?

Take part; don’t think you are too cool. Get involved in the discussions, if you don’t understand something just ask.

What are your future career plans/ ambitions?

I am going to open a refuge for victims of domestic violence which will allow male children as well as female children to stay with their mothers as currently this isn’t always the case. The idea is that we will work with the children to try and unpick some of the damage done by abuse and help mothers to regain choice and control in their lives.

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