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Online Job Search

The internet is not just the home of funny cat videos it is also host toOnline Job Search thousands of vacancies and for most job searchers, whether at placement or graduate level, it is the first point of call for finding employment.

But where to start?

Using search engines will provide a multitude of results however it can be hard to know which are reputable and worth spending time exploring. As a starting point you can use our Job hunting website guide which provides links to a number of online jobs boards providing both graduate, placement and work experience opportunities.

When looking at different websites there are a few things to take into consideration. Using a national website such as Guardian Jobs or Prospects will no doubt provide you with a wealth of vacancies all over the country but the results will be accessible by everyone in the country also. That’s not to say that every single person in the whole of the UK will be applying to the same role as you but it is fair to say that the competition for any of these posts is likely to be higher. Don’t be afraid of the competition, if you don’t submit an application you definitely won’t get the job, but find out how to make your submission stand out by seeking feedback prior to submitting. Find out how to book an appointment here.

Careers, Employment and Enterprise has its own online jobs board, Careerhub, which is only accessible to University of Hertfordshire students and graduates. New roles are added daily with some employers offering positions only to UH applicants – meaning far less competition. Whilst Careerhub shouldn’t be your own job search tool it is certainly one to remember and utilise – whether you are looking for a summer vacation scheme, a placement or a graduate role, there are opportunities available to suit.

Social Media has also presented a new channel for job searching with Linkedin providing a fantastic resource for students and graduates to not only create a professional online presence but also to research and find employment. Other sites like Twitter can present a large number of vacancies by searching under hashtags such as #applyhere and #jobsearch. Many recruitment agencies also have twitter handles that you can follow and it is useful to follow employers you may be interested in working for in case they directly tweet vacancy information.

If you are still not sure where to start with your job search or want to find out more why not sign up to our online job search webinar taking place Friday 17th July at Midday.

By Helen Meyer, Careers Adviser

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