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SMEs – don’t forget about the little guys

Many of you may have heard the acronym SME used when you’re thinking about jobs alongside or after university. If you don’t have a scooby what SME stands for it means small to medium sized enterprise. These organisations account for a massive 48% of the UK’s private sector employment and the sizes are:

  • Micro: less than 10 employees
  • Small: less than 50 employees
  • Medium: less than 250 employees

Obviously you have the big sexy companies which give them their due, have a fantastic range of lovely grad, placement and internship schemes and of course name dropping these bigger blue chip companies does make for an impressive CV. Could you be missing a trick though by not looking to apply to an SME as well or instead of?

SMEs have a lot over the big boys in employment, in that they give their employees an opportunity to work more closely with senior managers as they have less of a hierarchy. This could mean you have more influence over the decisions being made within the company, so making your mark could prove easier than you think!

Everyone knows a happy work environment is as important as the salary you earn and think about it, you’ve got to spend 5 days a week with these people!

A survey by the Trades Union Congress (TUC) found that employees in small businesses are the most satisfied at work with far fewer reports of bullying, lower stress levels and fewer complaints.

Did you know that last year 39.5% of UH Graduates went to work for an SME? So this is a popular choice among our students.

The University of Hertfordshire runs a scheme in conjunction with Santander to support SMEs. Santander part fund the salary for recent graduates to undertake a 3 month internship. The vacancies will be advertised between September and December 2015 and pay a tidy salary of £1000 per month.

If you are interested in the scheme email Gill Mckenzie at recruit@herts.ac.uk  and if you would like to view the job descriptions for the Santander internships or, apply for other fantastic SME vacancies visit www.careerhub.herts.ac.uk/students

To get further facts and information about SMEs we have a handout that can provide you with further information, statistics and links please click HERE

By Chloe Collins, Careers and Placements Officer, Employer Liaison (SME)

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