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Why following up employers really matters!


Did you attend the Careers Fair on Wednesday? Can you also remember the tips we gave you when attending a careers Fair?

One of them was about following up:

“Keep notes on what you have found out. Pick up business cards and contact details so you can follow-up after the fair.”

Hopefully, your notes included names of people representing their companies and their role as well as the department handling recruiting (these are not always the people who attended the fair.) You should have some idea of how they recruit and what they are looking for.  

Now is the time to do some research. Check out the company on social media – Twitter, Facebook and Linked In – as well as their own website and see what else you can find out. It’s useful to have a look at the LinkedIn profiles of people that work for the company so that you can get an idea of career trajectories. Your own notes and the follow up research you do will really help when you make an application and have to answer the question ‘Why do you want to work for XYZ?’

Did the person you spoke to invite you to keep in touch? This can be one of the most useful aspects of the follow-up. If appropriate, send an email and LinkedIn request, reminding them of where you met. If you had a meaningful conversation with an employer it could be useful to send an email thanking them for their time and any insights they gave you. If they asked you to send in your CV and you’re interested in working for them then do so (making sure you’ve had it checked at Careers, Employment and Enterprise first).

You never know what the future might bring in terms of employment opportunities and a productive, professional relationship could be of benefit to both of you. Good luck with your venture!

Maria Duncan

Careers Adviser


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