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Getting started on LinkedIn 6

As well as using LinkedIn to make connections and network, you can also use it to help you do some of your own research! If you are struggling to decide what career path you would like to take once you have graduated, LinkedIn has a very useful tool that you can use. What it allows you to do is to find out what people who studied the same degree as you at the same institution have as a profession. This is very interesting because you will find that a lot of people don’t always have a job that is directly linked to their discipline. Using this tool can help you to broaden your horizons and think about options for using your degree that you may not previously have thought of!

If you know exactly what job that you would like to do, using this tool can help you to identify companies that other alumni are now working for – which may be of interest to you. You could then connect with an appropriate employee on LinkedIn or go on the company website to see if they are hiring. Overall, this is a fantastic method of helping you to discover more diverse career options that you could pursue and the exact companies that would recruit graduates of your field.

So, how do you do it?


You can start from your LinkedIn profile. Hover your mouse over ‘Education’ and click on the ‘Field of Study Explorer’.


If you have added on to your profile that you are a University of Hertfordshire student, this will come up automatically. Otherwise, all you need to do is search for this university here:

Then you can narrow your search down by clicking on different categories such as ‘Where they work’ and ‘What they do’. If you scroll down, you can view the individuals who actually have the job or work in the location that you specified! If you wanted to, you could view their profile to discover how much experience or additional qualifications they needed before they achieved their current role. I think that this is a fantastic tool; it’s informative and makes you think outside the box when it comes to your future profession.

By Debbie Goss, Careers Officer

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