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My life as a placement student: a day in the life

I thought I would take a slightly different approach to this month’s instalment to my blog post. Instead of giving a general overview of the month I have decided to take you through a step by step timeline of one day; to be specific, Thursday 30 April. There are a number of reasons I have chosen this day which will hopefully become more apparent as you read on. Here goes!

8:20 am I arrive at the office. Whilst peeling away the many layers of cardigans and jackets I am wearing, I have a quick morning catch up with colleagues ready to get started for the day.

8:30 am I make a start on opening up; I unlock the consultation rooms, power up the PCs and marketing slides, and distribute resources and promotional material. With a final once over of the office and seating area, everything is in place.

9:00 am and its opening time! After unlocking the front door and pulling up the blinds, Careers, Employment and Enterprise are open for business, in time for the first appointment of the day. Sat at the front desk, I catch up with emails and check my Outlook calendar for the day. The first task of the day: to make final alterations to the Enterprise Newsletter and send it over to my colleague to be checked over and sent out.

10:45 am and after having dealt with student inquiries, appointments and front desk duties, I collect a box of our subscription to the Better Business magazine to distribute to students in a number of locations across the university; starting with the de Havilland LRC, moving across to College Lane main reception. Thankfully the weather was kind to me, allowing me to complete my weekly heavy lifting workout in the sunshine – I’m yet to see the effects on my ever so slightly wobbly arms!

12:00 pm arrives and having caught up on some report writing, members of our team and I head to the Green Impact Awards Ceremony. Green Impact is an environmental awards scheme run by the National Union of Students, aimed at encouraging staff and student teams to make simple changes in behaviour and practice to better the environment. This year’s Environment and Sustainability placement student has done an amazing job of getting so many departments and staff members actively involved with this project across the University – myself included.

The Environment and Sustainability team organised and hosted a lovely event to celebrate the achievements of all the Green Impact teams. Our CEE team was absolutely delighted to receive a Platinum award! We also received a special award for Community Action having supported and raised money for local initiatives, including a food bank for the Welwyn Hatfield community.

It was a pleasure to see not only our efforts recognised, but the remarkable initiatives and events that other staff members and students had put into place. And to top it all off, we were spoilt with a selection of delicious food and drinks – lovely!

Platinum award

1:30 pm after the success of the awards, it is back to the office to work on completing a feedback report. This has involved analysing and formatting data, to produce a structured written report. This time also allows me to catch up with other on-going tasks linked to flare, such as monitoring intake of business plan submissions, whilst dealing with any new or outstanding emails queries.

3:15 pm I finish up on College Lane and head over to the de Havilland campus to deliver some resources and magazines back to the de Havilland office.

3:30 pm marks April’s monthly placement meeting. Throughout the year, the OVC placement student arranges for those currently completing a placement year with the University to meet once a month for the last part of a working day. Topics such as the placement portfolio, our workload and current projects as well as upcoming events can all be found on the agenda.

Due to conflicting schedules, this month was the first meeting held since January so there was a lot to catch up on. These get-togethers have been of great personal benefit to me – until our first meeting I was unaware of any other placement students working at UH, and as a result I am now lucky enough to call these colleagues my friends.

5:00pm we round off the working day by heading over to Club de Havilland to take advantage of the sunshine and the discounted drinks!

I cannot quite believe it has come around so quickly, but the Careers, Employment and Enterprise service are now advertising for the next Enterprise Assistant, application deadline date is 17 May. I hope this has given an insight into the kind of things that can be expected from a working day within this role, and how much I am enjoying being a part of the team!

By Eleanor Spall, Enterprise Assistant

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