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Getting started on LinkedIn 5

You’ve made your first few connections and now your profile is starting to get some more visibility- which is great! You can now start to think about how you can maximise your outreach. You want to make sure that you are being noticed by the right people.

13353You can do this by joining groups which are specific to your interests. For example, these are the groups that I have joined so far. You will notice that one of these is the Careers, Employment and Enterprise group, which you should definitely join! Joining a group like this which is related to your university would show an employer that you are a proactive student and that you have been involved in the services that the university has to offer throughout your studies. In order to find any group that you are interested in, just type in a keyword into the ‘Search’ tab at the top and all groups related to this will show in your feed. Once you have joined groups that you are interested in, you can access them from your profile or from the ‘Interests’ tab.

Once you have become noticed and a recruiter has found your account, you want to make sure that you stand out. One way in which you can create more of an impact is to receive endorsements or recommendations. Endorsements are fairly straightforward; you can add your own skills, such as customer service, to a list and then others can endorse you on those.


This will show employers that you do indeed have the skills that you claim to have developed and also that other people have positive experiences of working with you!

524564Recommendations are far more valuable, a connection can write a short testimonial about your qualities and this will act like a reference. It will be fantastic to see from an employer’s perspective if they are considering contacting you about a role. You can even ask a connection to recommend you. Simply click on this button on your profile as shown below.

Remember, it’s all about getting as much information as you can on your LinkedIn profile. It is a platform for you to use which allows you to show more about yourself; recruiters should be able to access more than just what they can see on your CV.

By Debbie Goss, Careers Officer

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