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Video and phone interviews


Been invited to attend a telephone, video or Skype interview? 

Congratulations! You are one step closer to securing your graduate or placement role. Feeling nervous? Don’t be. Read on to get some expert hints and tips.

Telephone, Skype and video interviews are typically used at the beginning of the application process to help employers decide who they want to take through to the next stage. You may be familiar with the concept of telephone and Skype interviews but what are video interviews all about? Video interviews are the latest recruitment trend used by some large recruiters such as BT and Enterprise Rent-a-Car and are increasingly replacing telephone and Skype interviews. More here about how recruiters are using them.

Using a video questionnaire rather than a “real time” interviewer means that employers can reduce costs and review applications at a time to suit them. Applicants are also able to do the recording when convenient to them although there is usually a deadline date given.

So how can you make the most of this opportunity? Just like a face to face interview, preparation is the key.

Set the scene. For Skype and video interviews make sure you are dressed for interview and your surroundings are neat and tidy. Check the view behind you – remove any dodgy looking posters! Make sure you are somewhere quiet with a good internet/phone connection and where you won’t be interrupted by marauding flatmates or noisy family members.

Have relevant paperwork to hand like your CV or application form and any brief notes for interview questions but keep all paperwork out of sight. Posting a few bullet points to the side of your monitor can work well to prevent you from looking down as a sideways glance with your eyes is less noticeable. Although this isn’t an issue for telephone interviews it’s still essential to avoid rustling papers – lay them all out in front of you with staples taken out.

Prepare your answers. You may be lucky enough to have the questions in advance, but if not revisit the job description and person specification to make a list of potential questions. Check out our handout on typical interview questions and make sure you know how to use the STAR technique to answer competency questions.

Practice, practice, practice. For Skype and video interviews use Interview Stream to record yourself answering questions to check out how you present yourself. Book a practice interview with a Careers Adviser to get feedback on your interview skills – we can do this face to face or over the phone for a real life experience. Pop in or call our service to book this.


Home page of Interview Stream – use to record yourself answering questions to check out how you present yourself: http://bit.ly/1chOpXE

Further tips for Skype and video interviews from TargetJobs. More on telephone interviews here.

Good luck!

By Sue Woodcock, Careers Adviser.  Find and follow me on @SueTCW

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