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Tweet your way to a job: how to find work using Twitter.


Twitter is often seen as being nothing more than a forum for social chit chat and celebrity gossip.  However, when used in the right way, it is also an incredibly useful tool for job-hunters.  So if you’re looking for job vacancies or want to network with employers don’t miss out on a valuable resource

Know who to follow

Following the right organisations on Twitter can open up a constant flow of job ads that you might not otherwise have seen. Here are a few suggestions on how to get started.

  • Companies you’d like to work for. Many companies will have a Twitter feed.  Some will be more active than others on Twitter but by following them you will be able to keep up to date with (and comment on) their new products or projects and find out about any job vacancies. Larger organisations may have separate Twitter feeds for different areas of the business and some will have separate Twitter accounts for jobs in their company.
  • There are many specialist recruitment agencies and online jobs boards that will regularly tweet vacancy updates. Follow recruiters that specialise in your chosen field or who often have entry-level vacancies e.g. @gradcracker for engineers or @mediamuppet for media jobs.
  • Relevant professional bodies can also often have useful leads and information for job-seekers as well as information about regional networks and events.
  • Professional journalse.g. New Scientist, may also have general and recruitment Twitter feeds as well as useful industry information.
  • Twitter suggestions. Twitter will regularly suggest other people and organisations to follow based on your activity on your account.  It’s always worth looking at these suggestions as you will find out about new organisations and job vacancy sources to follow.
  • Check out who others are following. This is often a good way to find out about other useful organisations and people.  Once you’ve started following someone, look at their account to find out who they follow (and who is following them). It’s likely that you will find some useful new leads.
  • Careers, Employment & Enterprise. The university’s CEE service and the Careers Adviser for your school of study will also tweet regularly about placements, internships and entry-level jobs for new graduates.

 Use hashtags and lists

  • Using hashtags # can be a good way of finding advertised vacancies that haven’t shown up in your news-feed. Try different wording combinations to maximise your results; for example, if you’re looking for graphic design jobs, try searching #graphicdesignjobs or #graphicjobs.
  • If you’re an active Twitter user you might find that job tweets get lost among the other tweets in your news-feed. A good solution to this is to use the lists function and set up a list for the job sites and employers you follow.  This way you will be able to access recent job postings at a glance.

And finally, keep it professional!

Twitter can also be a useful social platform for online networking.  Don’t be afraid to comment on tweets from employers and job sites but make sure you keep it professional.  If you’re already active on Twitter take a look at your tweets and think about the impression they would give an employer; you might want to consider setting up a separate, professional Twitter account for job hunting and networking.

Suzanne Ball is the Careers Adviser for the University of Hertfordshire’s School of Creative Arts. She regularly tweets about all things creative on @careerview

  1. 02/12/2015 at 21:53

    Brilliantly written! Thank you so much for your help and I’ve done my HW for tomorrow 🙂

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