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My life as a placement student: a platinum performance?


By Eleanor Spall, Enterprise Assistant

Easter has been and gone! Which marks 8 months of my placement and I can’t quite believe it. So much has happened throughout this time – I have developed a variety of new skills which I have this placement opportunity to thank for.

I have to admit the past month was one of the most stressful to date. With submission deadlines for the placement portfolio and Green Impact workbook, as well as flare judging, co-ordinating aspects of Creative Arts event ‘Creative Edge’ and organising tree planting at Heartwood Forest – it has been demanding. To top this off, March threw me an extra curve ball… Flu!

33Throughout the 3 years in my previous employment, I had only ever taken 3 days sick leave. Having to take a full working week off sick was arguably more stressful than my entire task list. I was so anxious about missing days of work, what my colleagues would think and the prospect of having a bad sick record – needlessly of course. Illness is just a factor life that can’t be helped. It was silly of me to get so worked up about something that was not in my control. In honesty, I’m sure that my colleagues were grateful not to have been inflicted by my symptoms, or the possibility of catching it! This experience has definitely made me realise that concentrating on yourself is sometimes the best course of action.

On a more positive note, March saw our Green Impact team 11complete an environmentally themed away day at St Albans Heartwood Forest. On Saturday 14 March, myself and a number of CEE staff attended a Woodland Trust project, tree planting at Heartwood Forest. Meeting at 11am, shovels at the ready, we planted over 45 trees! Not only did it contribute towards our Green Impact efforts, it was so satisfying to be involved in a local project creating a sustainable environment. Speaking to one of the event organisers, they stated they were expecting 700 cars throughout the day – such a brilliant and fun way of giving back to the community! I want to extend a massive thanks to all of my colleagues who were so enthusiastic and happy to dedicate their personal time to this scheme.


With the successful delivery of Creative Edge and round 2 of flare well underway, our next big project is the upcoming Summer Jobs and Careers Fair. You can expect burgers, ice cream, candy floss and games! And if that isn’t tempting enough, we have invited a number of recruiting employers, looking for students and graduates to fill their live vacancies. I am already looking forward to getting stuck in on the day. If you would like more information about any of our upcoming events please see CareerHub, or alternatively look out for our team who will be running road shows across both campuses. Until next time!

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