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Getting started on LinkedIn 4

So you have created your profile and read our advice on who the right people are to be connecting with. The next stage is to be proactive and start making steps to get those first few connections!

You can start off connecting with people that you know, whether that’s your colleagues or your friends from your course. Remember, LinkedIn is different to Facebook; it’s not necessary to have all of your family and friends as connections! Focus on the people who know you professionally and through your studies. These are the people who will be able to recommend you to other employers and are more likely to have business links that will be of interest to you. Recommendations and endorsements will be covered in the next instalment of my blog; the main focus this week is to keep in mind the aim of your LinkedIn profile and choose your connections accordingly.

connectionThere are a number of different methods through which you can connect with people on LinkedIn. For those that you know well, you may just want to search for their name as you would on Facebook and click the connect button that comes up before you even view their profile! However, for people that you don’t know as well or you would like to add an introduction, you can create a personalised message to go along with your connection request. To do this, you just need to find their profile and click the connect button on their profile page. This will bring up an option to include a message along with your request.

LinkedIn also has a function called ‘People You May Know’ which brings up suggestions that may be of relevance based on the where you work, your existing connections and so on. Once you have made some connections, y111ou might want to start making a list of the companies that you would be interested in working for and searching for some connections within them. Here’s where the personalised message will come in handy…if you’re trying to reach out to a potential employer, a message which shows that you have put the time and thought into starting a conversation will go far!

By Debbie Goss, Careers Officer

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