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Getting started on LinkedIn 3

Now you should be on the final stages of your profile! You’ve entered your basic information and written a summary which is concise and shows employers what an asset you would be to their company. The next stage is to enter your work history.

Don’t forget to put a description underneath your job titles! Sometimes just listing the title can sell yourself short; for example, just writing ‘Administrator’ doesn’t let the employer know that you were responsible for taking minutes at senior meetings and that you independently ran projects.

Use this opportunity to really sell yourself and the skills that you have acquired. Even if your previous work experience has no direct link to the next step in your career, make sure that you list all of the transferrable skills that you gained. Again, this section is similar to the layout of your CV so if you wanted to, you could use the same information that you have on there, providing that it is up to date!

CaptureYou don’t have to stop there. LinkedIn has many sections available for you to list your achievements such as volunteering, the causes that you support and anything else relevant. For example, under ‘Publications’, I have listed the blog entries that I have written. The more examples of your work that you are able to reference to on LinkedIn, the better; you will instantly become more employable because anyone will be able to see pieces of work that you were proud of and be aware of the standard of work that you produce! One of the great things about LinkedIn is that you can constantly update and add to your profile. It is something that will develop over time but once you have followed the steps above, you will be ready to start networking and build your connections!

By Debbie Goss, Careers Officer

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