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Getting started on LinkedIn 2

You’ve created your account, uploaded a smiley photo and you’re ready for the next step. You will now need to add some information to your profile so that people looking at your account will know more than just what you look like! 

11LinkedIn is a platform for you to list all of your personal and professional achievements so don’t hold back on showcasing everything that you have excelled at.

Firstly, you can enter some basic information such as where you live, where you have studied and also your headline, which will appear next to your photo. You can opt for your current job title, as I have done. However, if you’re not currently employed or you are searching for new opportunities, some people have opted to use a headline which highlights the fact that they are seeking a new job. An example of this would be “business professional actively seeking a career”. A headline like this would really highlight to recruiters that you would be keen to discuss a vacancy.

Once you have entered12 your basic information, you can move on to your summary. I personally think of this section as a shorter, more concise version of a cover letter. There is no need to make this specific to a certain role, unless it is the only one that you are interested in. Summarise the sort of person you are and what you have to offer for a company should you start working for them. Make sure that you include your biggest selling points, whether this is your strong work ethic or your proudest achievement to date!

Debbie Goss, Careers Officer

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