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3 and a half Ps for Pop-Up Success

We asked Mohammed Ali, Enterprise Adviser, about having a stand to sell your products. This is what he had to say:


You’ve got a great opportunity: a pop-up stall, pop-up shop or market stall. Fantastic!

Number One: Presentation
This is vital. Make sure the area you are selling from is well organised, free from clutter and clean. Make sure your best products are put forward in the best way. If you don’t know what your best product is, or you want to play around a bit, feel free to rotate things and move your products from the front to the back, and see if this affects how people buy and see your products.

Number Two: Personality
This is your pitch where you get to make face-to-face contact with your clients and potential clients. Be warm, friendly, polite and smile. It’s amazing how smiling makes you instantly sound better and builds rapport. Feel free to ask questions of your customers. This isn’t purely transactional; it’s an opportunity for you to build a relationship so you understand your customers better and they understand your product better. People are going to ask you lots of questions, so make sure your product knowledge is top-notch. If you don’t know, promise to get back them and make sure you deliver.

Number 3 (and a half): Price and Promotion
These are both crucial to a business. Make sure what you are selling is clearly priced, perhaps in big writing. Some people feel quite shy coming up to talk to you if the price is not clearly displayed. If your prices are really good you might draw people in! Offers that encourage multiple purchases are also useful.
Then there’s promotion. For example, using social media, you can let everyone know before an event where you’re going to be, what you’re selling, and even offer them a promotion if they find you. During the event you can show all the people interacting with you what you’re doing, and involve current customers as well. After the event you can share what you’ve done and perhaps offer incentives for customers to find out where you’re going next.
With promotions, another really important thing to think about is encouraging repeat business. If someone’s bought from you the first time, that’s the hardest step they’ve taken to trust you and buy something. Why not offer them a promotion to buy a second thing in a certain time they will receive a small discount or other reward. You can also offer referral promotions to encourage existing customers to recommend you to your friends. Even a thank you will encourage repeat business.

Final Thoughts
Now you know some small steps about how to make your market stand or pop-up stall a success. This is your time to get real first-hand engagement with customers – listen twice as much as you speak to make your product better. It’s also great to experiment, play, and try things out. Who knows, this could be the first step of a very successful business venture. I wish you good luck.

Would you like a free space to sell and promote your products and services on College Lane? The deadline for signing up to Pitch for a Pitch is Sunday 22 March, so don’t miss out! Find out more and how to apply by reading this or emailing careers@herts.ac.uk.

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