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My time as a Careers Link

Nancy Ang, Careers Link


In your own words could you describe what a Careers Link is?

A Careers Link is someone that connects the students in the University of Hertfordshire to the vast amount of information about career opportunities available from the Careers, Employment and Enterprise Service. In addition, Careers Links are responsible for supporting the office in providing the best service to the students in the university on helping and preparing them to find a suitable placement/internship or graduate job, especially recent graduates whom need the most support. Lastly, a Careers Link also promotes the many services available for the benefit of the students such as mock interviews, CV checks, cover letter checks and so on.

Why did you decide to apply to become a Careers Link?

I applied for the position because I was interested in expanding my work experience. I was also keen on trying out something new as the Careers Link programme was just starting up. As a final year, I had little work experience under my belt therefore my interest in learning something new along with needing more work experience prompted me to apply to become a careers link.

What was your favourite experience as a Careers Link?

There were many events that I had the opportunity to take part in as a Careers Link, however being part of the events held by the careers office was definitely one of my favourite experiences as a Careers Link. Through being able to help out with events such as creative arts career workshops, engineering career fair, computer science and IT fair and more, I had the invaluable opportunity to network with many people from the different departments in the university. I also had the opportunity to network with many of the employers that were invited to attend such events and gain some insight as to what I would be required to do when I start looking for employment.

What did you gain out of your time in the role?

Through this experience I was fortunate to be able to learn and upgrade many of my skills whilst studying my course. One of the many skills I have been able to practice on was my interpersonal skills. Before this, I was usually a shy and quiet person that was slow to warm up to other people however being in this role has provided me with the perfect learning ground in cultivating my interpersonal skills due to the nature of this role requiring me to communicate with many people. Additionally I also learned many other skills such as time management, learning to be organised, communicating with colleagues and other parties and especially learning professionalism. Not only was my time as a careers link beneficial to me professionally, but also socially as I had the opportunity to interact with other students who were also career links from other courses.

Would you recommend being a Careers Link? Why?

Yes I would most definitely recommend it. Being a careers link opens so many doors to networking both within and outside the university that would be difficult to do otherwise. This was especially valuable to me as I am an international student with no contacts or connections to people that would benefit me outside my course of study. Also, the many skills that can be learned in this role was absolutely beneficial and transferable to other jobs. Apart from this, being a careers link also provides insight as to how the university functions internally both on the administration side and also on the events organisation side.

What piece of advice would you give to future Careers links?

The best piece of advice I can offer for future careers links is to be flexible and open to the experience. No one event is the exact same therefore sometimes it could be a little daunting to venture into something with little to no training. The ability to think fast together with flexibility on the job has helped me to upgrade on so many valuable skills and also enabled me to truly enjoy the entire experience of being a careers link whilst studying my course.

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