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Life as a placement student: voicing a promo video for flare

By Eleanor Spall, Enterprise Assistant

Ellie doing voiceover for flareHaving been in my placement since September, I feel as though I’ve learnt so much already. I say this not only about the job itself, but about myself as a working person. This position never fails to push me to try my hand at something new. I have to admit, going from having the freedom to get up when I pleased; to having an 8:30 start was a bit of a culture shock! However I’ve reached a point where I find myself looking forward to a busy schedule, knowing I will have achieved something when the end of the day comes.

After recovering from my overly indulgent Christmas break, I returned to work in January with the knowledge that I would be starting on a new and extensive project – flare 2015. As part of my involvement with flare, I was actually asked to record a voice over for this year’s promotional film.

Don’t get me wrong, I doubt I’ll be auditioning for any lucrative voiceover jobs anytime soon, but it was such an interesting and exciting opportunity. Nothing to date has made me feel closer to being a celeb than standing in front of that microphone. This is something that I will certainly take away with me from my placement experience, as well as the knowledge that involvement with CEE will not fail to throw some surprises your way.

To raise awareness for the flare competition, I also volunteered to do a couple of shout outs during second year lectures. If I was approached about this back in September, you probably would have had to pick me up off the floor! However, I feel so much more confident speaking to large groups of people now – especially as it is to promote a project I will be putting a lot of time and effort into over this coming year. These shout outs gave me the opportunity to engage with students and encourage them to apply for flare with even the smallest of ideas.

Aside from the bigger projects I have been working on, my daily tasks have been keeping me more than occupied. Throughout February, CEE road shows will be taking place across both campuses. I was tasked with coordinating these road shows with the aim of advertising the services we provide to students. We will be based in both the de Havilland atrium and College Lane LRC – keep an eye out for us over the next few weeks!

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