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Getting your Career Match Fit

2014 FIFA World Cup LogoIt’s been a long wait but it is finally here. The World Cup, the pinnacle of world football. Watching the variations in the team’s styles over the past week has inspired me to think and approach tasks in different ways. Whether it is the creative, samba style of Brazil or the efficient, methodical approach of Germany, there is no one defining style to win the World Cup.

There are countless differences between the 32 teams competing at this year’s world cup; however, every team has one thing in common. Preparation. This should be the same for your job search. There are a variety of different approaches you can take when you start your job search; preparation should be the one thing that always remains…


Select your Squad
Before every World Cup each manager selects his squad. You need to do this too by selecting what roles suit you best. So whilst Roy Hodgson considers whether Rooney should play the left or more centrally, you need to think where you are best suited in terms of work environment, type of job, location, etc. Think about your relevant skills, past experiences, and what you are passionate about. These key areas can help you to ensure you select the perfect squad of jobs for you.

Warm Up Matches
Every team will play warm up matches to fine tune their performances for the real thing. The Careers and Placements Service are your coaches for this to make sure are match ready! Before applying for any vacancies, speak to us to help fine tune your CV, personal statement, and application. World Cup teams will have to change their approach to suit the playing style of different opponents – you need to ensure you adapt your applications to show each employer you have what they are looking for by carefully studying their form; in this case doing your research on the company and looking at the job description thoroughly! Throughout the summer you can attend appointments to ensure you are prepared for any applications you make. Check out our latest appointments on CareerHub.


Group Stages
Get to know your group! The best teams won’t get complacent and will do thorough research on their upcoming challenges. Keep your commercial awareness up by using your networks, reading trade press and immersing yourself into your chosen sector.

Knock Out Stages
When you reach the knock out stages you have reached the business end of the tournament… interviews! At this stage nerves are to be expected but, just like the German and Italian teams, these nerves can be conquered by adopting a winning mentality. Before attending your interview make sure you have looked at our interview resources and practised your skills using Interview Stream.

Your World Cup Final
Winners can be decided on the slimmest of margins. Stand above the competition by being friendly, well presented and polite to everyone you come into contact with at interview – you never know who might be watching and waiting to show you a yellow card for foul play…

Remember, only one team can win the World Cup and there will be tough matches along the way. Setbacks will test you, but it is how you deal with them and learn from your mistakes that make you stronger next time.

Now if only the England squad had read this blog…


photo credit: Digo_Souza via photopin cc and Wikipedia

Michael Cushway

Michael Cushway is a Careers and Placements Officer at the University of Hertfordshire.

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