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Graduates Assemble!

Starting out with your first steps into the job hunting world can be daunting. Leaving the relative safety of university life can be a real shock to the system and when you have to find a job as well it can be difficult to get started. Well, you don’t have to face it alone, we’re here to help!


What you might need when you’re just starting out is a few useful tools to get you on your way. So just like Nick Fury we’ve assembled a team of resources to help you get started…

Careers and Placements

Shield logoWe know what it’s like to be a student; head down on the way to the library or to hand in an assignment, you might not have even noticed the Careers and Placements Service exists. But don’t worry if you didn’t notice us, we’re not mad! You can use our services for up to two years after your graduation and best of all, it’s free to do so. We can help with your career decisions, understanding vacancies and how they match your skills, interview techniques, setting up your own business, and more! Think of us as the organisation S.H.I.E.L.D (except in this case it stands for: Situational Help In Employment Learning and Direction!)

Action Plan

IronmanYou have to be the brains behind your job search. Don’t be tempted to sign up to everything without a clear plan. There are plenty of tools and resources out there to help get yourself organised, including this checklist, so suit up now.





Profiling for Success

HulkKnowing yourself, what makes you tick, is an important part of your personal and career development. Discover how you relate to others, identifying your key skills, and identifying what you need to work on in order to best smash your career goals.




Job Sites

HawkeyeThere are hundreds of different job sites out there. Understand which type of company uses which site and get familiar with the advanced search option to filter the best results. Knowing which one to use will help you be an opportunity sniper (for example, CareerHub jobs are only visible to UH students/grads, and we also have subscription to Going Global for international vacancies).




ThorIt’s time to tap into the experienced work force. Get on LinkedIn to connect with companies and employees in the field or sector you’re interested in. Make sure you’re connecting in the right way, remember an error online can travel as fast as lightning.




Interview Stream

Black widowA job interview can be a psychological test in itself but you can prepare yourself in advance. Put yourself through the paces with actual interview questions and record your answers on a webcam or mobile device. You’ll soon see if you can stand up to the Natasha Romanovas’ on the interview panel.




Work Experience

Capt AmericaGetting that all important work experience can really make you stand out in the recruitment process. Not only does it help you discover your skills and the talents that employers are looking for, it’s often the first step to a full time role. So steel your courage and get out there!





The Careers and Placement Service is running Masterclasses for recent University of Hertfordshire graduates throughout the summer, you can sign up here on CareerHub.

photo credit: emmix0392 and Kalangozilla via cc


JP Profile

Jerome Price is the Online and Digital Content Manager in the Careers and Placements Service at the University of Hertfordshire.

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