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5 Ways to Enjoy your Holiday and still be on top of your Job Search

RelaxingI have the utmost sympathy for you. There’s a bank holiday weekend coming up and the sun is shining (well, it was) perfect time to relax and enjoy yourself. But in the back of your mind you’re thinking that you still need to be looking for jobs. Don’t worry, you can do both and I’m going to tell you how…

Let me get this down straight off the bat; holidays are an important part of life. Making time to relax, unwind, see friends and family; they make sure you don’t lose track of important things in life and stop you getting burned out. This is true for workers, students, and job seekers alike. But… (yes, sorry, there’s always a ‘but’) sometimes the hard work still has to be put in, even when you’re on a break.

The reality is that, whilst most employers are likely to be taking a break too, some things don’t stop, vacancy closing dates for example. Taking a look at our CareerHub vacancies, there are 51 vacancies that expire over the bank holiday weekend, your dream opportunity might be amongst them. Hopefully you will have been proactive and already put an application in for a vacancy expiring in the next few days but make sure you look a little into the next week too so you have time to prepare. Remember employers can close their vacancies early if they get enough applicants.

So here’s five ways to succeed on holiday:

Alarm Clock1. Set the alarm

If you’re like me, you’ll love a lie-in! The holidays are a great excuse to sleep till noon. But you’ve got work to do, so set that alarm for a reasonable time in the morning. Then get up and get started on your tasks as soon as possible, ignore any tempting distractions like morning TV. Be disciplined in getting these things done first thing and out of the way.

2. Go Part-time
Ironically job searching can be a full-time job but during the holidays you can down shift to part-time. Prioritise your leads (hot/warm/cold) and focus on the hot ones for now. These will be the leads that are on-going and give you most chance of success. Make sure you honour your commitments – if you’re agreed to send someone an email, or your CV, you still need to do this. But leave the cold calling and speculative applications for now, you’re likely to just get voicemails and out-of-office replies anyway.

Newspaper3. Keep on track with the News
The world doesn’t stop over the holidays, important events in your field may be happening right now. Keep an eye on the news and current events (social networks are great ways to do this) so you’re still informed. If you pick up on something important you can send a tweet out about it, or polish off a blog post, and might get seen by those in the know. Not only could you be one of the first to comment but you’re showcasing your passion for your industry. It can only take a few minutes and with mobile devices these days you can still do this if you’re in the park or by the pool.

4. Back-up plan
Some employers might be working over the holidays, especially SME employers. Even if you assume nothing will happen you never know, so put some contingencies in place. Take your mobile phone with you and be prepared to answer it! If that really isn’t practical, then set up a professional sounding voicemail and try to check your messages regularly. Have copies of your CV or other documents/portfolio online in case you’re away from your computer (Dropbox or Google Drive are great for this).

Relaxing5. Forget about it
Apart from keeping track of the world, once you’ve done your tasks for the day, turn off your job seeking brain and switch on holiday mode. You can’t think about it all the time and worrying about things doesn’t help you in the long run – take time to relax. If you’ve followed number one, you’ll have achieved your goal for the day so you can bask in the glow of that – or the sun – whichever is stronger.

The Careers and Placements Service is closed over the bank holiday weekend but you can still use CareerHub online. Maybe one of your tasks for the day can be to view our online resources on your sector or start your research into a company you found when searching for vacancies…

Jobs and Careers Fair

Have a great break!

photo credit: downthewaterfall, Thomas Geiregger, H is for Home, Ed Yourdon via photopin cc

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Jerome Price is the Online and Digital Content Manager in the Careers and Placements Service at the University of Hertfordshire.

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