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n00b to 1337 – Power up your career!

Man chased by InvaderI heard a great bit of advice last week – from the hip hop artist Joey Bada$$ – which lent itself really well to when you think about your career search. In an interview with Radio 1’s Alice Levine, Joey mentioned that he takes every opportunity to gain ‘experience points’ in order to help him advance in his life and career. I think you can take it further and look at the whole career journey this way…

Level 1 Begin
HeartWhen you first set out to job hunt or look at your career you will be a beginner. Just like on the first level of a game, you’re not sure what’s going to come next. But you don’t head into a game expecting to win it first time, do you? Cautiously you head into the game world expecting to be surprised and probably having to re-start at some point. So what can you do to continue? Read some reviews of the game to see what you can expect and use that to help you get started.

Training Mode
In games like Call of Duty, where you play online against lots of different people, you can practice first in a training mode. Here you can get an understanding of how the game works and what you need to do. Work experience, like internships and volunteering, is a great way to build your skills in training mode. You’ll gain experience points which you can use when you get into the game properly.

level Up
MedalLike all games, you need to up your game at some point; you can’t stay a n00b for ever. The next levels of the game you need to refine your skills and start learning how the game works. The world of work is the same thing; knowing that you need a magic scroll (CV) before you can ask the gatekeeper (employer) for entrance to the silver castle (…you get the idea). These are your experience points, start racking them up now.

Cheat Codes
Sadly, there are no cheat codes to get right to the end of the recruitment game in one go. But there are cheats that can help you advance quicker:

KeyMastering a game isn’t just learning how to complete one level i.e. the CV/application level. Interviews can be a battleground and you need to be able to bring your talents together in order to complete the recruitment combination attack. Link your skills together with STAR (Situation Task Action Result) examples to achieve the Competency Combo; explain why you made the choices you did in a situation to demonstrate your skills.

Just like gaming, the real world isn’t easy to master, it will take time and effort to complete it. But if you don’t progress to the next level in a game you don’t have to throw it away, you get another life to try again. The steps to being a pro-gamer and mastering the recruitment game are very similar; practice features highly. Ukranian Starcraft player White-Ra famously said “You can’t win all games. We are people, we make mistake. We are not computer. And if you understand your mistake, you can make analysis of game. And continue to play, try and fix it.”

Game OverSo how do you get from n00b to 1337? We can help! Our resources on CareerHub have the cheat codes and game reviews you need, and our team can help you level up and practice your combo’s.

Log in to CareerHub today FTW

photo credit: Alex Dram Jump4fun Monic Munch via cc

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Jerome Price is the Online and Digital Content Manager in the Careers and Placements Service at the University of Hertfordshire.

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