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5 Top Tips for an Effective CV

I often think that a CV is like the building block of your job search, so you should make sure it doesn’t crumble beneath you. This post from University of Cumbria gives some good advice on where to start…

UoC Careers

Think about this situation: a recruiting manager has a pile of fifty CVs to look through for a vacancy; the only time they have available is one evening after work. If your CV doesn’t grab them – if it is hard to read, has irrelevant information or is badly laid out – the recruiter will simply move onto the next one. So how can you ensure that the recruiting manager spends more than the average six seconds looking at your CV? And more importantly, how can you make sure that the recruiter selects you for interview?


Keep it original

One of the worst things you can do is copy one of the ‘sample’ CVs from the internet. Recruiters can often tell when an applicant has taken someone else’s words; you are original and unique so use words that reflect that! In the creative industries in particular it is important to…

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