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The Autumn Fair Round-up

We sent our roving reporter and current student, Jonathan Brown, along to the Autumn Careers and Placements Fair. Here he breaks down the day for those who weren’t there to experience it.

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As students begin to settle in to another year of university, from those beginning their degree to those in their final year of studies, one thing is always on the back of their mind; where do I go after university? The challenge of finding work or a placement after graduating can be a daunting one and the Careers and Placements Service aimed to help students with their forthcoming ventures by setting up the Careers Fair.

The fair, held on the 23rd of October, was constructed throughout the Atrium at the de Havilland campus and followed through into a marquee outside. The fair offered the opportunity for students to come and meet a number of employers from a variety of businesses. This was a chance not only for students to learn more about companies they were interested in but also to get a foot in the door to help them when they come to the end of their time at the university.

There was no shortage of students attending the event and with a great atmosphere and plenty of opportunities to meet representatives from the 47 businesses who attended; there was a lot for those at the fair to get their teeth stuck into. Speaking to Alex Blyth, who is currently studying for a MA in Networking, he described the event as an opportunity to “see what was on offer and get some information from employers.” As an MA student this wasn’t the first Careers Fair that Alex had attended at the university and he highlighted the benefits that the fair can offer; “I have been to the Careers Fair before at undergraduate level and I managed to get interviews and even a placement out of it.”


While the benefits to students shine through in those like Alex it is also the employers who gain a lot from the fair. One of the companies set up at the fair was the Access Group, a leading author of fully integrated business management software. Danielle Mumford, the company’s HR and Recruitment Advisor, explained that the fair, while valuable to the students, does indeed help companies such the Access Group who are a relatively new company. “The fair acts as a two-way street, the students get the opportunity to come and talk to us and find out more about what we do while we continue to get our name out there.”

BA Plane

Among other businesses at the fair the stand outs among students included British Airways and Nissan, if not just for the impressive props they brought along but for the name they have created and the opportunities that lie within their companies.

Students looking to impress would be wise to take on board some of the factors that employers looked at during the fair. Upon speaking to those like Danielle Mumford, and other representatives from companies such as British Airways, Vauxhall Motors, Nissan and Argos, they all expressed the same desires when speaking to students. They wanted to see the personality of students, something that may not come as easy when under the pressure of a formal one-on-one interview.

Danielle Mumford said, “This is the chance for students to sell themselves.” While this opinion was shared by many of the companies on show at the fair, the atmosphere at the event lends itself to students to allow them the freedom to express their personality and also show off their enthusiasm and interest in the businesses. These factors go a long way impressing the companies and show students that while your academic skills are very much-needed it is also the personal elements that will further your chances when looking for work and placements.


If you were unable to make it to this month’s fair then don’t worry because there will be another in the summer months and it is guaranteed to offer another great chance for students to meet employers and make their mark on those employers and companies that they wish to work for.

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Images: University of Hertfordshire (c) All Rights Reserved


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Jonathan Brown is a final year Mass Communications student at the University of Hertfordshire.

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