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Unlock Opportunities with a Recruitment Agency

Recruitment agencies often hold the key to many opportunities you may have been unable to find or hadn’t even considered. Obviously, as a recruitment agency focussing on internships, we’re a tad biased. But many graduates do not fully understand how agencies work and, as a result, are potentially missing out hundreds of vacancies. So why not let a recruitment agency help guide you through the wealth of opportunities out there?

To begin with it is essential that you know what a recruitment agency’s role in the hiring process is. The aim of this post is to help you understand how recruiters work and hopefully we can offer you a few tips from our own experience!

You might be asking yourself, what do recruitment agencies actually do? Like all companies, they are there to solve a problem. The particular problem they solve is the fact that many organisations do not have fully functioning HR departments or cannot access the right people for their vacancies. Recruitment agencies are able to carry out recruitment campaigns for a client, much like an advertising agency might fulfil an advertising campaign for company trying to market a product. A recruitment agency’s resources are dedicated to saving clients time, money, and ultimately help contribute to any company’s most valuable asset – their people.

Confident businesspeople

On a day-to-day basis a recruitment agency searches for new clients (and job vacancies), advertises roles, screens all potential applicants, and works towards finding the best person for a position they are seeking to fill. At this stage it’s worth remembering that agencies work on behalf of the companies that advertise the vacancy and it’s they who ultimately pay the recruitment agency a finder’s fee, not the job-hunters. While a good recruitment agency will do its best to help you, their first responsibility is to their client, not the job seeker. So to get the most out of an agency make sure you are polite, engaged, and help them help you. These three tips should help you nail it!

Preparation is key

This means learning about the recruitment agency and understanding how they work. You’re likely to be one of many candidates so showing that you grasp their function, within the hiring process, will show your recruiter that you are an intelligent candidate who is willing to properly prepare for interviews and represent the agency in a professional manner.

Be professional

It’s really important that you are punctual and make a good first impression – this means a firm hand-shake, decent eye contact, and a smile! If you have applied for a role listed with their agency remember that an initial meeting with them is the equivalent of a first-round interview – treat it as such. Also complete tasks you are set and keep your CV up-to-date.

Always communicate

We’ll say it again – always communicate. If you find you have a missed call from your agency call them back ASAP! They probably have some important information for you. In email correspondence avoid grammar and spelling mistakes and re-read all emails you send just to make sure. Generally speaking a recruiter will contact you about roles if they have news. Communication is key!

Take note of these tips, be yourself and enthusiastic, and we reckon you’ll be fine! Be professional and courteous with a recruitment agency and they will be professional and courteous with you.

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This article has been provided by Inspiring Interns.  Inspiring specialises in finding graduates internships in London and throughout the UK. Of the candidates they place, 66% earn themselves a permanent job with their host company.

photo credit: Victor1558 via cc

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