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The Jobs and Careers Fair Round-up

The Careers and Placements Service held our annual Summer Jobs and Careers Fair recently. We invited student writer Alysha Yates along to The Forum to get her impressions of the event.


Forum at the Fair 2

With the stiff competition between students applying for jobs, it is often easy to fret about not being able to secure a placement, a post graduation job or even a work experience role. Fortunately enough, the University of Hertfordshire’s Careers and Placements Service regularly welcomes top employers looking to recruit students. 

The most recent Jobs and Careers Fair took place on Wednesday 22nd May on College Lane Campus and saw ample employers recruiting for a variety of different fields of professions.  As well as this there was free barbecue accompanied by the joyful sounds of a steel pan band creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Students were welcomed to an event where the vibe was comfortable and friendly. This relaxed atmosphere helped ease the nerves that many students fall victim to when meeting their potential employers. Students were also encouraged to be themselves, a quality which employers stress is key to impressing a recruitment team.

Over fifty different companies visited the fair eager for suitable candidates to recruit. Student Amy Skinner, looking at the field of Marketing and Advertising, expressed the benefits of having such a diverse amount of opportunities present in one place. Skinner explained, “It’s so helpful because you get to speak to all these employers in one area. Coming to the fair also introduced me to a lot of different great companies that I had never thought of applying for previously.”

Enterprise Rent-A-Car Intern, Rebecca Henley, also spoke about the benefits of directly meeting with potential employers at the fair. Rebecca expressed that meeting applicants face to face is generally more insightful than an online application because you meet people as they are.

Jeff Lovejoy and Rebecca Henley from Enterprise Rent-a-Car

Jeff Lovejoy and Rebecca Henley from Enterprise Rent-a-Car

Offering up some personal experience, the intern revealed that she had been recruited at a Jobs and Careers fair, which resulted in her application being fast tracked and being offered a position with the company. Rebecca was keen to share her tips on making a good impression at Jobs and Careers fairs. She advised: “The student needs to think about their presentation. You’re potentially meeting your future employers and you need to impress them so you should think about how you look”. Lastly, she recommended: “Make notes, take names and send them an email afterwards.”

Student Frances Poon, who came to the event searching for a job in the Human Resources Management sector, also shared how having direct contact had benefited her by coming to the fair: “It’s easier to speak to them face to face because you can make an impression and build a great network.”

At the event, Varadarajan Ramamoorthy from Sky, the British Broadcasting Television Network, advised students coming to the fair to be their normal self. He said: “You see students in a more casual way. Aside from their professional aspects you see the lighter side of them, which is definitely a critical part of a job.”

Enterprise Rent-A-Car Talent Acquisition Specialist, Jeff Lovejoy also spoke about self-presentation and advised students to walk up to employers with confidence. He added: “You have to have a self-assured personal brand.”

Another key aspect to think about when coming to a recruitment fair is demonstrating knowledge of a potential employers. Jeff encouraged students to prepare themselves prior to coming to the fair, do research on the employer and ask them questions.

Forum at the Fair

Similarly Zoe Peacock, HR Assistant at the British automotive manufacturing company Vauxhall, reinforced the importance of having knowledge of a potential employer’s institution. The HR Assistant stated that “having passion, enthusiasm and being proactive is key.”

For students, coming to the Jobs and Careers fair is the perfect opportunity to showcase what you have to offer potential employers, without the nerve-racking formal atmosphere of an interview. The fair also offers students the chance to be themselves and begin building a strong rapport within a relaxed environment.  Therefore when attempting to secure a placement, a post graduation job or a work experience role, it is clear that the Jobs and Careers fair is an event not to be missed.

The Careers and Placements Service is open throughout the summer for appointments. We are also running our Job Hub Masterclasses; sign up for the three step course now on CareerHub!

Alysha Yates is a 2nd year English Literature, Journalism and Film student at the University of Hertfordshire.

Alysha Yates is a 2nd year English Literature, Journalism and Film student at the University of Hertfordshire.

Images: Copyright University of Hertfordshire

  1. Jeff Lovejoy
    07/06/2013 at 17:43

    Well written Article Alysha! I have tweeted it out to the world for you.

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