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To Blog or Not To Blog?

How can you show your passion and interest in your sector for that elusive career success? University of Hertfordshire student writer Katie Oldham takes a look at one creative way; starting up your own blog.

In the past, the word ‘blogging’ has been regarded as either a hobby of the creative and thoughtful, or a profession of the high-profile and influential, with not much middle ground in between. However in the past few years with the rise of social networking and increasing power of the internet in all fields, including professional recruitment, blogging has become recognised as an essential tool for the everyman to make his own unique mark on the world.

As a student, competition for jobs, work experience and work placement positions, are fierce and often exhausting. With so many bright, fresh, and eager individuals with the same credentials and experience going for the exact same position, it creates a problem for both the applicant and employer. To the applicant, ‘how do I stand out from everyone else?’, and to the employer ‘how do I select the most viable candidate, when they’re all the same?’ If there was something innovative, one small unique thing which could put you as a candidate above the rest, it would be instantly noticeable and highlight you over countless others. This little window of opportunity has taken the form of blogging.

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Personal blogging can take many forms; it might be maintaining a popular Twitter account which intelligently discusses and debates relevant and important topics or running a successful personal blog full of insightful thoughts and opinions or even just cultivating a watertight professional showcase on LinkedIn. With professional recruitment websites like LinkedIn, connecting business professionals and employers to a boundless pool of prospective talent, one of the first things that will be glaringly evident is your social media presence. LinkedIn allows you to not only attach your CV and personal details but also provides a large space for you to link all of your personally attributable social media sites. This allows you to demonstrate your knowledge, experience, and responsibility on the web. Here can be links to your Facebook, Twitter, other social networking accounts, and your personal blog too.

The great thing about being a student and having a blog are the universal applications for it. You do not have to be an English or Media student to create a blog and the content doesn’t even have to be themed on the profession you want to pursue. Every person from a biomedical major to an Automotive Engineer student in this technological age will benefit from having a blog to present themselves. Because blogging offers something which cannot be shown on a piece of paper with your credentials on it, or may not be demonstrated effectively in a stressful interview scenario – your humanity. A blog is an outsider’s insight into the intricate thought processes, opinions, tastes and talents of an individual. You never know just what that prospective employer might see in you which sparks their interest, unless you create a showcase of yourself and what you have to offer.

Herts Student Blogging Network is a way for students of the University of Hertfordshire to share and promote their blogs and engage with other local bloggers! Join the page to see some examples of blogs that University of Hertfordshire students are writing:


Katie Oldham is a 2nd year student at the University of Hertfordshire studying Mass Communications

Katie Oldham is a 2nd year student at the University of Hertfordshire studying Mass Communications


photo credit: mezone

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