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Time to Start Thinking About Your Career?

Our next student writer, Lizzie Butler, looks at the first stages of your career, thinking about the  job you want to go into and how to take the first tentative steps into that industry.


As a University student you probably have a lot on your mind. From writing essays to making new friends, figuring out how to budget so you can pay your rent and eat while still meeting your weekly social engagements. Being at university can be very stressful, even after you’ve settled in, and before you know it your first year is over. By the beginning of your second year you need to be thinking about what you’re going to do once you’ve finished your degree. I’m going to offer a few tips to help get you started.

My first piece of advice would be to figure out what kind of career it is that you’re interested in pursuing. You’ve already made a big step in choosing what to study at University but consider what would attract you to a job. Maybe it would be the pay, the location, or perhaps it’s a hobby you would like to make more of. One of the best ways you can help yourself decide if will be the right for you is by getting involved within your preferred area.


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Look for volunteering opportunities in the sector you are interested in. No, you won’t get paid but it shows dedication and genuine enthusiasm because there is no money as an incentive. That, or paid work, will be very beneficial in helping you make contacts. The phrase “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know,” really does have some truth to it. Use these opportunities to network so that when you do finish Uni you have possible employers to contact or, at least, experience to carry forward to other employment.



CareerHub at the University of Hertfordshire has lots of useful resources to help you, including Sector Guides to give you more information on what, for example, a job in the Media would be like. Tips for interviews, including the different types you may have to experience, and a job search facility is also available. You can also make an appointment through CareerHub with the Careers team who will be able to provide you with more advice and information.

This helpful article from the Guardian also has more information on getting started in your career. http://careers.guardian.co.uk/students-have-you-started-thinking-about-your-career-yet


Lizzie Butler is a second year student at the University of Hertfordshire, studying English Literature.

Lizzie Butler is a second year student at the University of Hertfordshire, studying English Literature.


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