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Expand your Horizons – Working Abroad

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There are many different reasons to work abroad, whether it’s for a placement as part of your course, an environmental volunteering project or simply as part time work to fund travelling. We spoke to Amy Hallissey, a University of Hertfordshire student, about her experiences on Work America.




First of all, what is Work America?

Work America is a programme run by travel company BUNAC which is exclusive to full-time university students and recent graduates. The programme allows students to gain international work experience in the USA for up to four months during the summer.

I did Work America in the summer of 2011 and worked on the front desk of a guest ranch in Wyoming. Working in hospitality isn’t one of my long-term career goals but having international work experience on my CV definitely gives it an edge and is a great talking point at interviews!

So where can you work on the programme?

Anywhere! Most students find jobs in the tourism industry because these jobs are easy to come across during the summer months. There are hundreds of jobs exclusively for BUNAC participants on the on-line Job Zone, ranging from waitressing in Chicago to interning in New York City. 90% of the jobs on the Job Zone come with subsidised accommodation or BUNAC can advise you on where to look for accommodation.

What skills do you develop by doing Work America?

The effort I made to search and apply for jobs in a foreign country definitely gives me more confidence when thinking about the world of graduate jobs that is creeping nearer and nearer now that I’m in my third and final year.

Working in a foreign country proves to employers that you have initiative, transferrable skills, and determination. These qualities will separate you from other graduates whether you worked in an ice-cream parlour in Maryland or an office in San Francisco. Moving outside of your comfort zone will show employers that you’re more adaptable and have maturity and independence.


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Work America is open now and will close in May. Apply early to get the first pick of the jobs on BUNAC’s Job Zone.

Find out more: www.bunac.org/wapherts


(Amy Hallissey is a final year student at the University of Hertfordshire, studying BA(Hons) English Literature with Journalism, and is also Student Marketing Coordinator at BUNAC)

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